Thursday, July 26, 2012

Vegas fun

Casey's sister, who lives in Vegas, just had a baby. Since it's not TOO long of a drive, we decided to take a weekend and go see the new arrival.

World, I present to you: Julietta Ayn GrĂ©goire.  
(World: "Awww")

Kennedy, who doesn't normally care much for babies, was obsessed.
"Mom! Look at Julietta!" "Mom! She's SO cute!!" "Mom- she just opened her eyes!" "Mom- she just moved her hand!" "Mom! Her fingers are so tiny!!" "Mom- she just farted!"

There really are few things as precious as holding a newborn.
(p.s. Kennedy's face totally makes this picture.)

After we had smothered little Julietta a bit too much, we decided to get out of the house and see the town. (And made sure to tell Kennedy to close her eyes while walking along the strip.)

At one of the casinos, there is a huge aquarium/tank, where they have a mermaid come out and say hi to the kids (and to creepy old men).

There are little huka air ports all over the tank, so that when she needs air she can get some. It was actually pretty cool.
Kennedy loved it.  :)

We also spent some quality time at the swimming pool. There isn't much else to do when it's 110 degrees outside.

The other guy pictured awkwardly in this photo (waiting to catch Kennedy in case she falls) is the proud new father, Alex. (He is also the sous chef for that one cool restaurant I wrote about forever ago (here).)

Viva Las Vegas!


Irene said...

A beautiful precious baby. :-))nd
Kennedy does look so happy and proud holding the baby.
It looks like all of you had a really great time.
love you

the mom said...

Just look at you making time for blogging. You know your fans must be fed regularly or they get anxious!

What an adorable baby - and just so interesting that Kennedy took to her immediately. I know she's just not been into babies at all in the past.

Kristin said...

Looks like great fun. Did Kennedy bump into much on the Strip with her eyes closed? And what did she think of the Blue Men?

Jennifer said...

That baby girl is so beautiful. I love Kennedy's beautiful smiles. Wow, a real mermaid! Emily and Marie would like to see that too, as would Aysia, I'm sure. :)

Sara B. Larson said...

What a beautiful baby!! So dang cute. And looks like a lot of fun. Even with air thingies, I think I'd be totally freaking out if I had to be that mermaid underwater all day long. Or even for an hour.

Ashley Rae said...

@Kristin- she thought they were a little strange. We didn't go see the show. Those were actually just statues of them :) Her favorite things to see in Las Vegas were the park and the swimming pool. lol.

Brandon said...

Cool Mermaid! Emily and Marie would love that! (And love to do that). Being a mermaid in Vegas, though, she seems overdressed... Glad you all had a great time.