Monday, July 23, 2012

Mi jardín

That's "my garden," for you non-spanish speakers, out there.

I gave you a little taste (well, I was the only one who literally had a taste) of my garden the other day.  Now I will show you more pictures.

June 8, 2012: Here I am, squatting in my garden. (Squatting is such an unattractive word. Crouching, perhaps...?)
Please take notice of the absence of weeds. Get a good look, because it doesn't last.

July 23, 2012:
Es mi jardín!  It's amazing what a little sunshine and water can do, eh?

And because I know you have nothing better to do with your time than read about my vegetable (and fruit) garden, I will now tell you about each of the plants.

This is the cantaloupe, or so I am told. I see cute, happy, little yellow flowers all over, but no fruit. Yet. 

Here we have cucumber. My favorite. Why is it my favorite? You might think it's because of the flavor. You would be wrong.

It's because the baby cucumbers are SO CUTE!!  I don't think I've ever had such adoration for a vegetable, before. Isn't it darling, though? It's a sweet little spikey baby cucumber with a bright yellow flower on top. I think I'm going to name him. Hidalgo? Drexler? Larry? I'll work on that.

Corn. Who knew it could have bright pink hair? Not me.
(Pay no attention to the weeds. Maybe If we ignore them long enough, they'll just go away.)

And if all goes as planned, this green pepper will be red in a few weeks! Oh yum.

Last but not least, we can't forget the zukes. It's almost time for my delicious zucchini bread! (Don't say "eeew" until you've tried mine. With chocolate chips. And a whole lot of butter. Because butter makes the world go 'round.)

(Oh, and because you asked, I also have lots of tomatoes, squash, green peppers and basil. Ok fine. You didn't ask. I just wanted to over-share.)


Jennifer said...

I am substantially in awe of your garden. Way to grow those vegetables. I want my very own vegetable garden too. Someday. Although, I will be needing a lot of advice from you on how to get things to grow successfully when the time comes.

Brandon said...

Wow, look at that garden! Congratulations on getting it all to grow. It will be nice to enjoy the vegetables of your labor in a short while. Also, you are so funny. I just love your humor! You could write about anything and it would be entertaining. Next maybe you can write about the minerals in your garden soil or your favorite shirt or whatever, and I'm sure it would be interesting. Well... maybe... you could probably make it boring if you really wanted to prove me wrong... Anyway, thanks for the post.

Heather said...

How about squatting with the squash….. HA! I’m pretty funny! It all looks delish :)

Anonymous said...

I think you look cute squatting...strange as that sounds...

Wrights said...

You look oh so cute in that first pic. Almost as cute as the baby cucumber :)

Ashley Rae said...

@Jen- I wouldn't ask for my advice until we find out how all of these veggies actually taste. lol

@Brandon- just for that, I will make one of my posts as dull and boring as is humanly possibly. Just you wait ('enry 'iggins).

Sounds like I should try squatting more often ;) Ha!

the mom said...

I love your garden... and that you get so excited about baby cucumbers. And that you're happy to pose for your mom's camera while you're actually weeding your garden.

Can't wait to see what bounty your garden produces - and how you prepare it.

Irene said...

Your garden looks better and is producing more than either of mine..

Kristin said...

This is quite a delightful garden you have growing there! Lots of beautiful plants. I'm a bit jealous. We have peas. No darling cucumbers though.

Schwartz Family said...

I must have had this post stuck in my head because I just did a post on a garden and I almost names the post Mi Jardin. LOL You just have a way of sticking in my head. What a fun garden you have!