Thursday, December 8, 2011

Remember Halloween?

I think I might have ADD. I get distracted easily. Like "Hey, I'm going to take these pictures on Halloween and totally blog about it."  And then "Oh look! Glitter!" ...and suddenly the Halloween blog post is long forgotten.

This evening, while looking at pictures I took for my friend's wedding, I found these neglected photos I took on Halloween, and quickly remembered that I was going to blog about it. 

I give you a ghost, banana and a witch.  Marie's costume is my favorite. At one point in the night, her ghost face was sliding, and she exclaimed "I can't find my EYE!!"
We had a good chuckle.

Hey, wait a minute... didn't these two have a baby, somewhere?

Oh look! There she is.

Happy (really late) Halloween!

And yeah... I kinda got distracted and forgot about editing my friend's wedding photos. I'll do it tomorrow. If I remember.

Oh look! Shiny stuff!


Heather said...

"I can't find my eye!" LOL!!

Brandon said...

Oh, fun times! I'm so glad you posted these. There will always be time to enjoy shiny stuff later.

Jennifer said...

I really like shiny and glittery stuff also. Oh, and soft stuff. I saw a lady at the mall tonight wearing a really soft looking sweater, so I stared at it for as long as I could before I thought it might start making her feel uncomfortable. Haha. Marie was so funny in her ghost costume. Loved spending Halloween with you and Kennedy. Great photos! :)

Sarah Jane said...

Those are some cute kids! especially that banana! :)

Michelle said...

A ghost, banana and a witch....walked into a bar.

There is a joke in there somewhere.

Loved this post.

the mom said...

Glitter!!! I think you got that from me...

This post really makes me smile... and laugh. I wish I could have been there, but seeing the pics and your humorous retelling help.