Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I'm happy.

Happy to be healthy.

Happy to have good friends.

Happy because it's snowing. (Weird, I know.)

Happy because my friend got a new puppy and I got to play with him
("One cannot help but smile when they say the word 'puppy'")

Happy because it's almost Christmas!

Happy because Kennedy is happy.

Happy because I can love.

Happy about life.

Happy that I can be happy for no particular reason.

I'm happy. And it feels so good.

("Reunited and it feeeeels so good!")
(Come on, you can't tell me that song didn't immediately pop into your head when you read that last line...)

(No? ...Just me? Oh, fine.)


Anonymous said...

I'm happy your happy!! Good for you:) Yes, we need to get together. Come over anytime. We'll let the kids chill and we will eat ice cream. You tried New York Style Pumpkin cheesecake yet? ;)

the mom said...


There is a reason your nick-name has always been Ashley Rae of Sunshine...

Jennifer said...

I think happy is just your default emotion, you lucky girl you. :) I'm happy you're happy!

Raising Helm said...

How can one not be HAPPY when they read your posts esp. this HAPPY one! You are adorable and make me happy. Enjoy sprinkling joy, sunshine and happiness to all!
love ya!

Kaija said...

I totally love ya and are so glad you are hApPy!!!

Brandon Pearce said...

I have no idea what that song is. But thank you for sharing your happiness with us!! I'm so glad that you're happy! (Glad is like happy but a little different. But I'm happy too.)

Lauren said...

That song totally did pop into my head :). And your happy attitude is just a part of why I love you so much!

Erin and Daryl said...

You are such a positiver person and I love everything about you Ashley. I'm sorry I haven't been a better friend. School can soak you up! I think about you all the time and I love visiting your blog to read about your life. I'm glad your happy, I'm happy because your happy :)

Sara said...

Happiness is a state of being, an attitude to cultivate, not a circumstance. Wow, look, you made me get all philosophical! ;) So glad you are so happy!!