Friday, November 11, 2011


I was going to take today off from blogging, but then I started to feel guilty. Stupid guilt. So here I am, telling you more of what makes my heart happy.

Today I am thankful for aaalllll of my friends and family who were sweet enough to take time out of their busy schedules to wish me a happy birthday. It makes a girl feel mighty special, I tell ya.

Next, I'd like to give a little thanks to Facebook for reminding half of those people that today was my birthday, so that they could wish me happy birthday. (I am definitely thankful for those bday reminders- I admit that I do not know many of my friends' birthdays...) So thank you, Facebook.

Lastly, I'm grateful for connections. Like, the deep conections you can sometimes feel with certain people. You know how sometimes you meet someone and you just know you're going to be friends for life- no matter what? Forever? Like your souls just somehow know each other? And no matter how much time has passed you know they'll still be one of your best friends? Always? Yeah. It's pretty cool. It's on my list of what I'm thankful for.

How is your list coming along?

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Sarah Jane said...

Happy Birthday!

I'm also thankful for FB not only for the BD reminders but for one day of the year, it makes me feel so popular and loved. and for that, i heart FB.