Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Yes, yes, I know. I skipped another day. What are you going to do about it, huh? Probably nothing. Yeah, well, me too.

Some days I find that it is far more difficult than others to find things to be grateful for... BUT if my 7 year old can find five things she's thankful for when she is pissed off at the world, then I can, too.

Here goes.

- um...my short commute to work.

- cute jackets (more particularly the new one my mom bought me for my birthday). I love jackets. Probably my favorite article of clothing. Besides flip flops.

- chocolate chex cereal.

- the fact that I still have a pulse.

- funny blogs.

There. I did it. Five things. It was actually a bit harder than I had expected, but I did it. Go me.

Now it's time to change my woe-is-me attitude and get back to my sunshiny self. Ready, set, GO!
(That is bound to work, eventually, right...? ... )


Sara B. Larson said...

Having a pulse is good. Some days that's about all I can think of to be thankful for too. Ok, not THAT bad, because there is always my kids (even when they drive me batty) and my hubby (even when he's sending me pics from Downtown Disney in Florida while I'm stuck at home in the cold with the aforementioned kids driving me batty). But yeah. I understand.

Raising Helm said...

Very optimistic my friend! It is great to know you are alive and human:) though I do love the sunshiney you! Enjoy the sweet jacket and strut your stuff with your hottness! love ya lady!

the mom said...

You look adorable in your new purple jacket.