Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Attitudes and pictures!

Well whaddya know? I'm posting some pictures. But first things, first- my gratitude for the day.

- I'm thankful for FOOD. Man, oh man, I love to eat.

- I am thankful for my neighbors. They have been so helpful with picking up Kennedy after school when I have to work... I don't know what I'd do without them.

- I'm thankful that I have the ability to choose my attitude. Today I chose to be happy and optimistic. :) I'm thankful that I can also choose my reaction and how I respond to things. I am response-ABLE.

- And I'm also thankful for movies. All kinds- except horror movies. Those I am not so thankful for. At all.

Ok, now, on to the pictures!

Here we are, sitting at Bubba's, waiting for our delicious burgers. Kennedy obviously had more important things to look at.

She's such a poser. I have NO idea where she gets it from. *cough cough*...

Wow, right? I mean... just... wow.

She is such a monkey. A very cute monkey, might I add.

It's completely normal to pretend that a fruit roll-up is an extension of your tongue, right? Because people were giving us strange looks.


Kristin said...

This is a great list. Especially choosing your attitude. Some people go their entire lives not ever realizing they had that power.

Love your Hawaii pics. I'm so happy you could go and have that fun time with Kennedy (and us, too!)

Sara B. Larson said...

love the pics! She's getting too big, and is sooo cute!

the mom said...

Love the pics. I promise to get more from my camera soon!

I love how Kennedy makes friends wherever she goes... and the boy in the pool became "one of her best friends" within moments.

Jennifer said...

I am also glad that I can choose my response to things and my attitude, thank you for the reminder. :)