Monday, November 7, 2011

More gratitude.

Can you believe I am still keeping up with this whole "gratitude" thing? I can't. I usually get busy (or lazy, whatever) and forget to do whatever it was I had initially said I was going to do. So go me!

Today I'm thankful for nature. Wow. I mean, just WOW! Flowers, trees, the weather, fruits/veggies, the ocean, birds, fish, animals, the sun, the MOON? Again, wow. This morning I went for a little jog down to a nearby beach. . . in a complete downpour. It started raining about 2 minutes after I left. I actually love running in the rain - there is something so refreshing about it. Anyway, by the time I arrived at the beach I was soaked from head to toe, and the rain had finally decided to stop. I looked out over the ocean and saw this:

... What? You don't see anything? Yeah, well, that's probably due to the fact that, while I am not too lazy to actually update my blog, I'm a tad bit too lazy to upload the pictures from a computer (since I can't do it from my iPhone). I'll put them up later. I pinky promise (can you tell I have a second-grader?).

Anyway, what you do not see a picture of is a magnificent rainbow (if you're my Facebook friend, you might have seen the ones that I posted of it this morning). It was quite possibly the largest rainbow I had ever seen in my life. So expansive that had to take two pictures to capture all of it. Breathtaking. I sat at the beach for about 20 minutes, watching the ocean, taking in the view of the scenery and looking in the tide pools at the cute little fish, before returning back to our condo (thanks, mom, for hanging out with Kennedy). So, yes. Particularly grateful for nature, today.

On a somewhat related note, I am also thankful for my body. Let me rephrase- I am thankful for the functionality of my body and the incredible things it can do. I am so grateful that I can walk. Run. Hike. Swim. Climb. Breathe. See things. Smell, hear, taste. I can throw a ball (yes, like a girl), and while I suck at catching, I can still do it, occasionally. Our bodies are incredible. I should probably stop eating so much crap so that my body doesn't end up hating me and decide to turn against me. That would kind of suck.

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