Sunday, November 6, 2011


Here's a little lesson in Hawaiian, for you: "Mahalo" means "Thank you."
Consider yourself a little bit smarter. Or, if you already knew this tidbit of information, consider yourself equally as intelligent as you were before you began reading my blog, today.

Speaking of today, I am thankful for sunshine. I love the sun. A lot. It makes me happy. Hence the fact that I am thankful for it.

Also, I am thankful that I can have dreams and that I am able to remember them (usually). Like- ones I have while I'm sleeping. I hear of people who can't remember their dreams and I think of how sad I would be if I couldn't, either. So, hooray for dreams!

Finally, I'm thankful for milk chocolate coconut covered macadamia nuts. 'nuff said.


the mom said...

I'm grateful that I'm finally here with the rest of you in lovely Hawaii.... what fun we're going to have!

I'm also grateful for a daughter who is more than a daughter - she's a friend. Love that we can talk about anything....

Jennifer said...

I am also grateful that I can remember my dreams. I wasn't aware until recently that some people can't. I certainly wouldn't mind not remembering the unpleasant ones, but the good ones are priceless. :)