Sunday, October 2, 2011

Regarding me

During this next little while, I am going to do some soul searching. Why? Because it's fun.
To kick off this self-re-discovery process, I'm going to list a few things about myself that I know with an absolute surety. In case I ever forget.

1. I like to travel.
2. I like the smell of Luv's baby diapers. But only the unused ones.
3. My favorite color alternates between yellow and caribbean blue. But mostly yellow.
4. I pretty much have the best friends in the entire world.
5. I don't know what my natural hair color is.
6. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I like country music. And Lady Gaga. And Ke$ha. And the new Selena Gomez song.
7. And Britney Spears.
8. I want to go sky diving.
9. I want to go scuba diving.
10. I want to go backpacking through Europe.
11. There are very few people that I don't like.
12. I love laughing until my stomach hurts.
13. Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream is my manna from heaven.
14. I like fancy words. Such as superfluous. And magnanimous.
15. I like love the beach.
16. My toes are kind of long.
17. I don't like Walmart.
18. I love Target.
19. I tend to be slightly immature.
20. But that's ok because it helps me be a fun mom.
21. I think soap operas are dumb.
22. And I don't watch reality TV. I just don't get it. Sorry.
23. I do, however, love Modern Family. And Glee. And Psych.
24. I'm still upset over the fact that they stopped Arrested Development after 3 seasons. That show was brilliant.
[postscript: Well, apparently the heavens heard my despaired rantings and so they decided to make one more season AND a movie. This might be the best day of my life.]
25. Disney movies usually make me cry.
26. So does any commercial about animal cruelty.
27. I like to pull weeds and plant flowers.
28. I love to read.
29. I spend more time on facebook than I probably should.
30. When I'm in my kickboxing class, I feel like I could kick anyone's A.
31. Until I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and see how absolutely ridiculous I look.
32. Did I mention I love my friends? Well I do.
33. I also love cake batter.
34. And brownie batter.
35. And cookie dough.
36. I think that puppies are probably the most adorable creatures ever.
37. Christmastime makes me happy.
38. I want to go to New York.
39. I love going for long walks.
40. I love laying on the grass in the summer.
41. I feel like this list is getting long.
42. I sing in the shower. And in the car.
43. People who make me laugh are my favorite.
44. Luckily I'm easily amused, so I have a lot of favorites.
45. I think that there are few things in this world as rewarding as making a baby smile.
46. I tend to talk to myself.
47. I also tend to be an over-sharer.
48. I would wear flip flops all day, every day, were it practical.
49. I love the smell of rain.
50. I laugh at my own jokes.

Next step in the process- yoga?


Wrights said...

I have good news for you (aside from the fact that you no longer have to clean pee and pubes from the toilet seat). Arrested Development is making a comeback! Ten new episodes this season. Made me think of you. Horray!

Ashley Rae said...

LOL- Oh man, you WOULD go there, A. But that's why I love you.
And they are!?! Ok, this very well may be the best news I've received in a few years.

jcstark said...

And a AD movie. Due 2013

the williams project said...

I also tend to be an over-sharer. Arrested Development movie!?!!! Please tell me George Michael is in it.

the mom said...

I love this list.
And that you took the time to share it.

And LOL to Adriene's comment...

Jennifer said...

Fun list Ashley, but that goes without saying. Of course it is a fun list because you are a fun girl! One of my very favorites, in fact. :)

Yoga actually is pretty magical I think. I have been enjoying it more than I thought I would since our family has been doing a class together here in Escazu.

Sarah Jane said...

I was thinking about you all day yesterday. So just know i'm thinking of you and I'm here for you if you need anything. Anything.

Also, I love this list. and you know what? You are about to turn 30in a month and that is a whole new decade. a whole new start. and who better to bring with you in that fresh new decade? 1 adorable 7 year old. you're pretty lucky.

Ashley Rae said...

Thank you Sarah- I seriously love you and all of our group of friends. You guys are the best. I am lucky.

And I know I'm super mature and all that, but I'm actually only going to be 29 this year :) But hey- I'll still ring in the last year of my twenties with my gorgeous 7 year old! (And I'll bring along some super awesome friends)

Brandon said...

You are a rock! -- I mean, you rock! Thanks for giving us all some insight into the deep layers of your intricate soul.

Irene said...

I love your list. It made me smile way big.

Sarah Jane said...

ugh. okay, i'm a dummy. i was thinking this year was a monumental birthday. but it's just a really awesome date (11-11-11). well this year will be a great birthday because i think all those ones have to be lucky.

anyway, enjoy this last year of your TWENTIES! :)

Raising Helm said...

So I am happy to say that I did know you were only turning 29 next month:)Enjoy! It is crazy that we are getting older but way more fun and beautiful. YOu are for sure!!! What a cute list and reminder of how much I miss you!:(

SamYam said...

When are you going to blog about our high school reunion?

Michelle said...

I love your list! I think it very much describes who you are, a wonderfully gorgeous talented young woman.

I also love all those mentioned in #6 