Friday, September 30, 2011

Sew cute.

I am going to make this dress.

And I will use this fabric.

Kennedy will wear it.

I will take a picture.

And then I will put it on here for your viewing pleasure.

You will be impressed.

Or perhaps you won't be.

Because my sewing skills are mediocre at best.

In all reality, this may end up looking very much like a muumuu.

Or like I just took a piece of fabric, cut
a hole in it, and threw it over her head.

Oh well. It's good to have lofty goals and ambitions, right?

... but maybe you could pretend to be impressed?... k thanks.

*(Pattern and fabric both designed by my amazing and incredibly talented and sweet friend, Carina Gardner. Thanks Carina!)


Brandon said...

WOW!!! You're amazing for even wanting to take this on!! That's a huge project. But I'm sure it will turn out incredible because you're incredible and you have really good skills. I'm impressed!

Ashley Rae said...

lol- thanks, Brandon. I appreciate your [feigned] enthusiasm. Ha! Love you :)

Jennifer said...

Yes, of course it will turn out beautifully! :) I love the fabric and the pattern and can't wait to see Kennedy wearing it. :)

We have been doing a bit of sewing around our house lately too, using dish cloths for fabric, because we have them, and sewing by hand, because we don't have a sewing machine. It has been fun! We've made a heating pad, drawstring jewelry bags, a hat, and a little pillow. :) Emily especially really enjoys it.

paul said...

The dress is adorable. Kennedy is going to be so cute in it. I like the color you chose for the fabric. cute cute cute.

the mom said...

And will Kennedy pour tea while wearing this dress? It is a perfect tea party dress.... a tea party must be held.

Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Shilo said...

Wanna make two dresses??? ;)

I love how you write!!!

Ashley Rae said...

Yes! A tea party is definitely in order :)