Monday, May 30, 2011

Up With Kids

This year (September-May) Kennedy was in a program called Up With Kids. She went once a week for an hour and they would sing, dance and act in preparation for a final year-end performance. At the end of the year (May), they put on a show/musical for everyone to see. This year the play was a mash-up of Alice in Wonderland and Toy Story 3. Kennedy did SO great and I was very proud.

Here are pictures (courtesy of my wonderful mom):

Here we have Kennedy politely listening for her instructions before the performance.

And this is Kennedy being . . . Kennedy.

In the first scene, she was an alien. An alien who apparently couldn't stop playing with her hair. But at least she was cute.

In her next scene she was a lovely pink flower:

She delivered her lines flawlessly.

And just look at that acting. Wow. Bravo, girl. Bravo.

And finally, in the last last scene (there were 8 scenes total, but I only really cared about the three she was in, of course), she was part of the menacing Jabberwocky.

Then they performed the song "Imagine." They sang as well as used sign language. My mom and I are both babies so we cried.

At the end of the performance, the teacher awarded each of the kids with an Oscar. Kennedy beamed.

And then, naturally, she showed Kaden that the Oscar has a butt.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! She is so cute! I love her little haircut. I wish Taylor or I or both of us could pull it off.

melanie33 said...

She is so cute, for a minute I wished she was mine. Then I realized that I would then be in charge of feeding and clothing 5 children, and the thought suddenly lost it's appeal. But I am sure she is a delight for you, and for now, I think we should keep it that way.

Sarah Jane said...

kennedy is such a cute alien/flower/jabberwocky thing. what a cute performance.

and i laughed at the end that you caught that picture of her showing that her Oscar has a butt. ha ha!

the mom said...

I was so glad I could be there. She did an awesome job and had such a fun time.

LOL.. she was more than a little amused by the butt on Oscar.

And yes, we were both babies. Sorry about that cry gene. But she looked so sweet singing and signing Imagine - it just took me right back to when she was a toddler and used sign language to communicate... it was like she was 1 again, for just a moment...

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures! I especially love the one with the Oscar....a future star.

She is so photogenic.


paul said...

Where do you live Girl? The costumes are remarkable. I used to love going to these things when my kids were small. It looks more serious now and Kennedy seems very intense about it. She's adorable and I would have cried too.

Jennifer said...

So cute! It looks like she was having such a fun time. I would have loved to hear them sing and sign to that song. :)

Brandon said...

Ohhh! How cute! I wish I could have seen her. I would also love for Emily and Marie to do something like this. Heck! I want to act again, too! I guess I just need to move somewhere with more theater opportunities. Anyway, it's great your providing this chance for Kennedy. She's got it, babe!

Smiley Family said...

So cute! Love all the costumes! What a great program for kids to be a part of. Was it through her school? Did it cost you any $$? I would love to know more. Ashlyn loves to sing and dance.

P.S. Motherhood = crying :o)