Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More exictement.

Ok, so where was I? Oh yes. Costa Rica, day 4.

We ended the day by putting the girls to bed, and my fabulous mother offered to stay at the hotel while they slept so that we two couples could go out on a double date. Since that has happened, like, never. It was quite nice. We went out for sushi and then for some dessert. Yum. (Sorry, I failed to take any pictures.)

The next morning (Day 5, of course) we woke up bright and early to go on the "Sky Walk" through the Monteverde Cloud Forest.

We walked across many-a-bridges like this one:

The views would not have been very fun for those who have issues with heights. (This is the view looking down at a river from one of the lower bridges).

The views were incredible. We were a little bummed it wasn't as foggy as it was the day before, because the clouds make for very interesting pictures. But at least we weren't getting rained on.

We saw some funky trees.

Got some action.

Pointed at some stuff.

Now this next picture looks like it could be a happy moment. And while it is entirely possible that it was, more than likely this is one of the many moments where the girls were being reprimanded for whining/crying/screaming because they wanted to "be first" while walking. Because that's how 3 girls behave when they are around each other for long periods of time.

Kennedy getting a piggy back ride because her feet hurt. Or because she was sad that it was Marie's turn to be "first."

Oh look, here's another bridge with some guys on it.

I really really wish that these pictures made the scenery look as incredible as it does in person. Because this picture just looks stupid, compared to what it really looks like.


Although I was very excited when we stumbled upon a colony of mushrooms.

They were so cute. Here is a closeup. Because they're cute:

My mom got some WAY cool pictures of this mushroom village. Maybe she'll post one of her mushroom pictures soon. And the pics from her camera are so detailed- you may even be able to see Papa Smurf if you look closely enough.

My brother also blogged a bit about the trip and posted some videos, if you'd like to check that out. If not, you're kind of lame and I don't even know why you read my blog.


the mom said...

I"m so glad you've posted on Costa Rica again. There was a lot of pointing at stuff. And oohing and ahhing.

I think my favorite part of the walk was our surprise chorus of birds or monkeys or whatever it was.....

Just wish we'd had some clouds blowing through....

That was a fun day. And a fun trip.

Sara B. Larson said...

Even with the so-called "stupid" pictures I have to say it looks spectacular. And I loved your commentary. Your posts always make me laugh. ;)

Jennifer said...

Thank you for another fun post Ashley. :) I love the hot lips photo and the mushroom village, and especially your commentary. Very fun times were had by all, except of course by the I-wanna-be-firsters for part of the time, and the adults who were trying to keep them in line. :)

Brandon said...

It was so fun to spend time with you guys on our double date. So glad we could do that. (Thanks Mom).

Yes, the pictures just don't do it justice at all. Don't worry, I blame today's camera technology, not the photographer. Mine turned out just as stupid.

We're excited to come see you again in just a couple weeks!

Michelle said...

Amazing pictures! Your "girls" commentary made me laugh.

That mushroom colony is so cute, I want to live amongst them.

melanie33 said...

sometimes I cry when I don't get to be first in line too. Like at the DMV or Walmart or in a chocolate fountain line.
it brings me to tears just thinking about it.

thanks for taking me to costa rica!

p.s. mushrooms are tasty.

Ashley Rae said...

@Mom- that chorus of birds/monkeys was certainly interesting. I wish we could have seen what it was.

@Brandon- I am VERY excited for you guys to come visit! I've missed you

Sarah Jane said...

FINALLY! More costa rica pics! Hooray!

I know what you mean about the pics not being as awesome as they are in person. they never do it justice. I guess everyone just needs to go and see it in person.

Can't wait for the next post! :)

Lauren said...

All these pictures make me want to empty our savings and go there!