Sunday, February 13, 2011

Days 3 and 4...?

Crap. So I guess this is what happens when it takes me forever to update- I forget what things happened on which days of my trip. Or maybe that means I'm getting old. Either way, here are some pictures and some brief captions of what happened during days 3 and 4. I think.

Day 3- Los Chorros:

We hiked down a long and winding trail through the jungle to the Los Chorros waterfall(s).

We stopped for a picture.

Or two.
We gasped at the beauty of the waterfalls.
Waterfall numero one:

...and of course a picture in front of waterfall numero two (with some locals playing in the background):

And here is Grandma Alli posing with 2 out of the 3 girls. Marie refused to sit/stand in the water to be in the picture. And regardless of the expression you may be reading on Emily's face, she actually DID want to be in the picture.

We all thought Justin was really brave for jumping off this rock. (Woo hoo!!)

Until some one-upper local dude jumped off an even higher rock on the other side. Oh well, Justin. We still think you're cool.

We swam around and played in the cold water for a while and then went back to Brandon's house. Then I'm sure we did something awesome like play foosball or play Rory's Story Cubes (a FUN game). And probably went out to eat at Cafe Delicias. We went there like 5 times. Because it's amazing. And they have THE BEST cinnamon rolls on the planet. No lie.

Day 4 - Monteverde:
(I apologize in advance for the picture overload)

We took a 3 hour-ish drive to get to our next destination. We were so freaking glad that we rented a 4-wheel drive vehicle, that day. The road from the base to the top of the mountain was pure dirt/rocks. For an hour. I have never been on a bumpier road in my life. My butt was numb by the time we got to the top of that mountain. I have never been so happy to drive on paved roads as when arrived in Monteverde.

As soon as we arrived, we went and got ready to go zip lining.

And we all looked really awesome in our construction worker hats.

And can someone please explain to me why Kennedy is SO afraid to put her face under water, yet she has no fear of flying through the air REALLY fast, hundreds of feet above the ground, suspended by only a few pieces of equipment? I'm flabbergasted.

But she was incredible and extremely brave. I was so proud.

And can I just say- I could not believe how green and lush and beautiful everything was.

See?!? And of course these pictures look like crap compared to how it really looked. You'll just have to go there and see it for yourself.

Justin was loving every minute of it. Well, we all were. But he ended up being behind me most of the time so I got lots of pictures of him:

Look how sexy we are in our gear:

And look how sexy THEY are in THEIR gear:

Don't act like you're not jealous.

Going tandem on the last - and longest - stretch of cable (1000 meters).

And that was the scariest one. Do you see that big white nothingness that they're about to fly into? Yes, that is a cloud. And you can't see ANYTHING when you're flying through it. I videotaped it on my camera, and, if I can upload it, I'll put it on here. But it was amazing. And scary. But mostly amazing.

So I must say, that really was the coolest experience of my life. It was a bit pricey, but SO worth it. If you can, do it. Even if you can't, find a way to do it. Why? Because it's incredible. And because the soup man says.

Finally, because it's Valentine's Day, I'm leaving you with a picture that you will all be extremely envious of.

Sorry, ladies (and gentlemen). He's mine. You can have the swans.


the mom said...

Those were both incredible days. Thank you for hanging back with me as we walked the trail to the falls... I'm so damn out of shape - but I made it!

And thank you so much for not posting any of the photos of my in hanging in the harness on the zipline. I looked ridiculous. But I had a blast and was so glad we all were able to share in that experience together.

Even though I got stuck and they had to come rescue me twice. I really didn't try to slow down....

You're right - that experience is worth every penny.

I so wish I'd taken more photos of the forest that first day in Monte Verde. Even though the 2nd day was lovely - it just wasn't the same without the clouds rolling through... Glad you got some good ones!

Jennifer said...

I am so glad it was cloudy that day! It made for such an awesome ride. You guys are so much fun to vacation with too.

Ashley Rae said...

Yeah, the second day wasn't nearly as cloudy (like- at all)... so I'm glad I got some cool pictures with the fog. Too bad it wasn't with your amazing camera.

melanie33 said...

Sounds good. I have made a decision. Why don't you test out all the places I would like to go in my life first and let me know if they are worth going? So far Hawaii and Costa Rica. How about South Africa next? You wouldn't mind, would you?

Sara B. Larson said...

The scenery is just amazing, what a gorgeous country. I will have to put it on my list of places to hopefully go one day. You guys take the most incredible vacations. I am mucho jealous. ;)

Sarah Jane said...

you should use the word flabbergasted more often.

and when we went to monteverde, we did not have a 4-wheel drive car. we had a tiny coupe-like car. crazy, right? But it was a rental. oh well. :)

great pics! i love it!!

Michelle said...

Gorgeous! The waterfall was breathtaking, and all that lush greenery, what an adventure. I still would enjoy seeing a pic of your mom on that zip line...

the mom said...

@Michelle - you would laugh hysterically if you saw that photo. But you won't, because Ashley loves me too much to post it :)

Though it isn't QUITE as humorous as watching me trip and fall on the stage of a cruiseship, with my bulbous body more "rolling" rather than falling... No, not nearly that entertaining.

Thank god you weren't videotaping.

Brandon Pearce said...

I love your posts, Ash. You are so funny! And those days at Los Chorros and Monteverde were awesome! That's the first time we'd done the zip-line there as well, and it's definitely the coolest one I've ever been on. It was especially cool with all the fog.

Cafe Declias' cinnamon rolls are heavenly, and I loved all our time playing foosball. (Really looking forward to seeing how Justin has improved in a couple weeks). He's probably getting in a lot more practice than I am.

So fun to be with you guys!!

paul said...

What an amazing time in an amazing place. Good for you. I totally would have done the zip line. Sounds like great fun.