Friday, March 19, 2010

In case you were wondering

Here is a list of my feelings/emotions, and the reasons for them, as of late:

– Justin has a man date tonight, so I can plan a fun night with princess Kennedy.
– Listening to Kennedy sing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Mis. Or any song, for that matter.

– It's Friday. Finally.

– Pilates.

– SPRINGTIME!!!! It's so close I can almost taste it.

– Snow.
– My inability to say "No" to a 5th girl scout cookie. or 7th.

– of Anyone who is basking in 75+ degree weather. And not having to work. (You know who you are.)

– Kennedy singing "Follow the Prophet" and then saying "What IS a prophet, anyway?"
– Blog stalking.

– As to why my pants aren't getting any looser. I'm sure it has nothing to do with that 7th girl scout cookie.

– I love my life.


the mom said...

You have GOT to record her singing Castle on a Cloud. It is so beautiful when she does.

I burst out loud reading the "follow the prophet" comment. This makes it even funnier that she was so indignant when I changed the words, when she sang the song to me over the phone.

I still prefer "follow your mother, follow your grandma.... " or "follow your conscience, follow your conscience...."

Or, for more amusement - "follow your puppy, follow your puppy, follow your puppy, she will guide you..."

Have fun with the princess tonight.

And I'm so happy you love your life. Your contentment brings contentment to your mom.

Sarah said...

This made me laugh. Isn't it great how one can seriously feel all those emotions at the SAME time?!

... and snow?! What is going in on there??
I would tell you that you need a vacation, but wait, you already did :) he hee

Jennifer said...

Yes, please record Kennedy singing that song, I would love to hear her beautiful voice again!

Irene said...

I would love to hear Kennedy sing any song :o)
What did you and princess Kennedy do while Justin was on his MAN date?
It makes me happy to know that you're happy (grandmothers are just that way).

Schwartz Family said...

Cute post! I'm glad you got to spend some mommy time with your little princess!

Sara said...

I'd love to hear her sing any of those songs! :-)

I never got the girl scout cookies I ordered. Not sure what happened there... oh well, I guess it lessens the temptation. ;-) I hope you are enjoying yours!

Raising Helm said...

Beautiful! I love it all-though I wish I were the one baking in watm weather and the one eating the cookies and the one enjoying some date time. love it still!

melanie33 said...

ok i officially feel like i am missing out on not ever having a girl scout cookie. i mean what's in them anyway? crack cocaine? Because i don't need anymore crack cocaine. i have plenty around here.

oops. did i just say that aloud? nope, i just wrote it. whew! definitely safe.

Lauren said...

Isn't it amazing we can feel all those emotions pretty much simultaneously? I love to hear Syd sing too. Your daughter probably sings on key, though, seeing as how she has an amazing mommy that can sing!

Michelle said...

I very much loved your post. LOL "What is a prophet?"

(I was enjoying 75 degree weather this weekend...sorry)

Sarah said...

There is a woman at my work who has a CASE LOAD of girl scout cookies at her desk for sale on the "honor system". Every where I turn, there are GS cookies somewhere. It's hard to say no for 8 hours straight when it's that accessible, you know? I keep thinking of her daughter who might need to sell one more box to reach her goal. And I'm not going to deprive a little girl of reaching her goals? what am I a robot?

CAMI said...

Love it! I like posts like this!!!
Ps I want my free sucker too- I use to have so many of those wrappers- I wonder what happened to them!

Brandon Pearce said...

I still wear the "Contentment" shirt you gave me as my pajama top every night. It reminds me of you, and it reminds me to be content and enjoy the present moment, rather than constantly seeking for happiness in the future.

Ashley Rae said...

I'm so glad you wear that shirt, still :) And of course I'm glad it reminds you of me. We wouldn't want you forgetting your sister, now, would we?