Saturday, December 5, 2009

Here's some stuff.

Oh, hey- remember Halloween? Like a hundred days ago? Well, it was actually an extremely eventful weekend. My mother came to town and we had a blast. If you'd like to read all about it (something I would highly recommend), you can do so here at my mother's blog. She wrote about our fun festivities using many beautiful pictures and some very lovely commentary. In the meantime, here's the one picture I actually took, that weekend:

Next, a sneak peak at what we've been doing to our house. Since we (a) are not currently living in the 1970's and (b) do not live in the hull of a ship in the middle of the ocean, we don't really need ugly faux wood paneling for the walls. Quick-fix solution: painting. Hopefully I will eventually get around to posting a picture of the before and after. No promises, though.

And lastly, tonight we went to a birthday party for our friend's little girl. Being so close to Christmas, they decided they'd invite Santa over. Kennedy couldn't believe that he would take time from his busy schedule to come to Sasha's birthday party. But he did.

Here she is waiting for Santa to park his sleigh... (you can't fake this kind of excitement, people.)

She climbed right up there on his lap and told him what she wanted. "Smencils" and "The Sword and the Stone" (movie). Santa has it pretty dang easy this year.

All Justin wanted for Christmas was to sit on Santa's lap. Wish granted.

The man in the suit was our good friend, who Kennedy just adores. Luckily she didn't figure out that it was him. She said "Mom, I can't believe that Santa is REALLY here!!"

...And now I feel like a total schmuck for lying to my child. Who started this stupid tradition of lying to our kids, anyway?


the mom said...

Can't wait to see the finished basement walls. I find wood paneling oppressive... lol to your ship comment.

Regarding Santa - it's a lie all kids WANT to believe. We keep trying to believe it even after we know it can't be true. Let her enjoy he joy and don't feel guilty about it : )

Jennifer said...

Yeah, I'm not all that guilt free about the Santa thing either. We may have to change our story when we are in Costa Rica though. Kid's there are brought gifts by the Baby Jesus, for the most part.

It was great to see your beautiful basement walls in person the other night too. Great work!!

Sarah said...

yeah, I don't know about the Santa thing either. I kinda don't want to start it with lexi, but I don't want her left out either when she sees that other kids got stuff from him.... It's a tough one.

Brandon Pearce said...

Yeah, that Halloween party was a blast!

I wonder if it's only lately that parents are seeming to doubt whether they should lie to their kids about Santa, or if parents have questioned the practice from the beginning?

If it makes you feel any better, you could just think of Santa as a metaphor for Christ - he loves children, brings us gifts, knows everything, comes as a thief in the night, can travel everywhere instantly, wears red, has a beard and white hair...

He needs a few more reindeer, though, to equal the number of apostles. Oh well.

Sharee and Court said...

Kennedy is so dang cute! She was soooo excited for Santa! That is so fun! Brady doesn't really get it yet... But oh man, the day he does, WATCH OUT! He will be battling Kennedy for the most excited picture.

This last Easter, he was pushing kids out of the way and actually going in the exit to visit the Easter Bunny... I can't even imagine what he will do to see santa. He will probably be like will Ferrel on Elf.

Sarah said...

ha ha. after you left belinda said that when nova sat on "santa's" lap he asked her if she had been a good girl for her boyfriend, gino. she said she noticed kennedy looking around for gino. and you quickly distracted her. phew!

what a fun night. i'm glad we did it because i don't know if we could fool the kids another year. kennedy might get too smart for us next year!

Sarah said...

oh p.s. i laughed when you said, "since we don't live in the hull of a ship. ha ha. i can't wait to see the new and improved basement!

Ashley Rae said...

Sarah- I know! I saw her looking around for Gino and could tell she was trying to figure it out. lol.

And we're probably going to have a New Year's party at our place and so you guys can see the non-hull basement then! Hehe

Raising Helm said...

So cute! you busy busy bee. I agree on the whole telling your kids a lie. It is fun and exciting and at the same time...kinda sad. I dread the day when they find out. Hopefully it won't be traumatic. I don't remember how I found out??? Maybe I will get lucky! Oh and I will be waiting for the invite to the new years party. Ha ha ha, yeah with all three of my kids. Oh i'm so funny.

melanie33 said...

Lie to her, and lie to her guilt free. And if you have turmoil about it just remember in about 10 years that girl is going to be lying her HEAD off to you constantly. You are just getting even a little early.

Besides, she is getting presents out of this little lie. PRESENTS. Can it really be that bad? Think about it.

come on, you know I'm right.

The Anderson's said...

Ash your little Kennedy is such a cutie! And quite the little firecracker. I love it! Oh and lying about the whole Santa thing, it really is kinda sad that we do taht!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who started it but December really is just one long month full of lies. The worst part is Taylor still believes the crackhead things I tell her. Sometimes when I'm in a bad mood and I've had it with her I just want to scream, "well ya know what? Santa is ME and I'm not getting you anything for Christmas!"
Cute pic of Justin on your friend's lap by the way:)

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Michelle said...

Thank you for all the updates! I feel refreshed and so much better now.

Thank you for painting over that "hull of a ship"

Sara said...

OOh, I love befores and afters. Put 'em up soon!

Yeah, I'm with your mom. Don't sweat the lie - it's magic for them, and we still kinda wish it was true even now, don't you? ;-)