Friday, September 4, 2009


Let me begin by telling you all that I am just royally screwed. Kennedy came home from school yesterday and announced "Mom- I have a boyfriend. His name is Britain." Ugh. She had been in school for a mere 3 days. THREE days. That is hardly enough time to cultivate a relationship. I seriously hope this isn't a forecast for the future.

Anyway. Moving on...

At the mall, I told her she couldn't ride on one of those quarter-machine rides because I didn't have any change.
K: Mom, next time you go to work, make sure to get lots of money so I can go on aaaalll of those rides that need quarters, k?

K: Hey dad, cheetahs don't run.
D: Oh yeah they do! They're one of the fastest animals in the world!
K: Nuh-uh. They can't run.
D: Um... yes, they truly can, honey.
Mom: Well if they don't run, what do they do?
K: [thinks for a minute] People can eat them.
M: Uh... cheetahs run a lot faster than people.
K: OR we can step on them. And crush them.
M: .... honey, what do you think a cheetah is?
K: ... OH!!! Ok. I know. Not a cheetah. A Cheeto. Cheetos can't run.

We told her that if she didn't finish her dinner, she couldn't have ice cream when we went out later. She didn't finish it. So Justin and I bought some for ourselves.
K: Harley [our dog], can you even believe that our parents didn't get me any ice cream!?? Huh, sister??


Sara said...

Oh that Kennedy- what a crack up. You are in definate, serious trouble. I'm just laughing over here that she's already found a boyfriend. The question is, Does Britain know about their relationship? ;-)

the mom said...

LOLOLOL.... Kennedyisms are my favorite. She provides constant entertainment.

How does Jackson feel about this change in Kennedy's relationship status?

Chris said...

LOLOL You guys stuck to your guns with the ice cream. Nice.

Oh she will have many many bf's in her future. Probably a different one tomorrow, even. At this age, it's probably because she liked his Spongebob t-shirt or something. :)

melanie33 said...

ok you guys aren't royal screwed. just screwed. royally screwed is when your daughter comes home from kindergarten and says there are just too many boys and she can't decide which one to marry.
that, my friend is royal.

The Anderson's said...

Ashley she has got to be one of the funniest little gals I know!! Ha ha ha!!!

Monica said...

Consistency is the key to a well behaved child. :) I love how she took it in stride. My kids would be pitchin' a fit.

Jennifer said...

Very fun Kennedyisms, as usual. Thanks for sharing. :)

Shopgirl1483 said...

uh oh. you are in trouble if she already has a boyfriend after 3 days. and what will jackson think about all this. i hope he doesn't read this blog....

Anonymous said...

Ashley you need to have a baby so your darling daughter doesn't go to school and tell her boyfriend that her sister is a dog named Harley.

Irene said...

Kennedy is soooooooo funny. She provides me with lots of smiles.
I'm glad you were strong enought to stick to you guns about the ice cream...I probably wouldn't have had that in me.. I would probably have forgone the treat. Congratulations of being consistent.:o) love you lots

Angelique Archuleta said...

Love the cheetos story! Sorry about the boyfriend one!! I know Grace has a couple but won't tell me. And about the calling Harley her sister... I think it's time for another baby!!

Smiley Family said...

HAHAHA!! Love that girl! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! Also, thanks for the frog info. Santa is definitely bringing some for Christmas!

Michelle said...

You will have to keep on your toes! That is one smart little girlie you have there. LOL. It was good that you stuck to your rules.

She is so beautiful.