Monday, July 20, 2009


The rest of my Hawaii trip will have to wait. And it will all be summed up in one more magnificent post. Later.

But for now, it's the moment you've all been waiting for (or not):


K: Mom, why don't you like mustard?
M: Because I don't like how it tastes.
K: I don't like mustard, either. That means we're best friends.

She runs up to me, just sobbing
M: What's wrong, honey??
K: *sob* Kaden said he was going to [*sniff**sniff*] tattle-tale on me!!! *sob*
M: ... hmmm... well, do you know that you are actually tattle-telling on him?
K: B-b-b-but he was going to tell on me!!!

Dad: I feel like a big fat loser because I can't lose any weight.
K: Dad, you're a winner. Not a loser.

M: Eew. I'm all sweaty from running.
K: I think I still love you even if you're all gross and sweaty.

K: When you and dad love each other, do you have big hearts in your eyes?

M: Wow, Kennedy. You are so smart. You must get it from your mom, right?
K: No, I don't.
M: Oh. [trying not to feel insulted] Well where do you get it from?
K: Nowhere. I just think. So that makes me smart.

K: When I grow up, I want to be a camper.
M: What does a camper do?
K: She camps, you silly!!

K: I'm so big! I'm 5, now!
D: Did you know that every year you get older, I get older??
K: Yep.
D: I don't want to get older.
K: [caressing his face] It's ok, dad. When I'm as old as you, you'll be a grandpa. And when you die you'll go to heaven. And then when I die, I'll go to heaven, too. So we'll see each other again. It will be ok.


Monica said...

I love Kennedyisms. Thanks for sharing. She is a doll.

the mom said...

These posts are my favorite... she just cracks me up.

And I love the way you do her hair.

I still laugh every time I think about my conversation with her when she was tattle telling on you, and then when she finally was willing to admit maybe she had been at fault she dramatically cried, "I'm a jerk!"

Lauren said...

She is so dang cute. I like the one about the hearts in your eyes!

Sara said...

She is adorable - i love Kennedyisms. Keep em coming!

Sarah said...

She is hilarious!!
and super cute... I love the different hair styles that girl rocks :)

Kaija said...

How funny is she! Yes, she got her smartness from you! So I was dying over your 8 mile hike...80 year old lady eh? Loved it! You crack me up! I went on some hikes at Lake Powell last week, had to "act like" I was taking pictures so I could catch my breath...pathetic!

Raising Helm said...

She is a doll, a sweet heart, a beauty, a shining star...Oh Kennedy makes me laugh! she is brilliant and hilarious. You've got a winner not a loser !

Chris and Heather said...

I think it is so cute how you post these.... and she is pretty dang cute herself!

Chris said...

Sweet, sweet girl, and sooooo bright. That last comment is enough to make you cry. Precious girl!

Jennifer said...

Such a cute and smart little girl you've got there. :) We had so much fun at the water park with her yesterday!!

Annie said...

hehe! still giggling!

Michelle said...

Very funny. You will have to always be on your toes with that little princess.

I LOVE how you fix her hair....