Saturday, July 18, 2009

Day 8 - Kyakkkking.

There are many rivers to kayak, on the magical island of Kauai. We chose to venture along the Wailua River.

One might argue that I was insane to go back on the water the day after I hurled at open sea. But when have I ever claimed to be otherwise?

Lucky for me, rivers don't usually have big waves.

See? Nice and calm. *sigh* It was so serene.

After a while of kayaking, our arms started to get tired. Because we're wusses. So then we parked our boat and hiked to a waterfall. I made sure that this one wasn't 4 freaking miles away. It was only a mile in. Definitely not as arduous as the last one. I could handle that.

The hike was way pretty. It was super jungle-y.

But not very flip-flop friendly.

And Justin was a good sport and posed whenever I asked (told) him to.

We saw a miniature waterfall along the way.

Aaaaaand here it is. Secret Falls.

Although it was obviously not TOO secret, since there were two other lovers frolicking in the water.

We hiked back down to our boat and started rowing away up the river. When our arms started getting sore again, we parked our kayak and walked on over to the Fern Grotto.

This picture is just for you cat lovers (you know who you are). There are many stray cats just roaming around the island. This one decided to make his home at the Fern Grotto. Although he didn't look too happy to be there.

"Stop taking your damn picture and give me some food. Stupid human."

And this is the Fern Grotto. Apparently it use to be quite the spectacle until a hurricane came through and destroyed it all. But it was still cool to see.

We rowed back to our car, shopped at the local farmer's market, ate some food, relaxed, whatevs.

And that was the end of THAT day.

p.s. Incubus concert? Awesome. Just...awesome.


Heather said...

It looks so pretty... I wish I could go!

Sara said...

Wow, how gorgeous! I'm glad you enjoyed your concert too btw. ;-)

Shopgirl1483 said...

jeff and i went on a canoe trip one time. my secret is to sit in the back and make splashy noises like you're paddling but really you are just relaxing your arms when it gets too hard. then when he looks back, start paddling away like that's what you've been doing the whole time. :)
anyway, it looks super pretty. and that poor kitty. looks like he's been in a few kitty fights in his day.

Raising Helm said...

picture perfect! and I loved the little-by the way "incubus was awesome"-You sure know how to keep us updated. Thanks! nice cat, sorry but I am not one of those cat people. hope you fed it. looks like fun little lady!

Michelle said...

You guys are so aventuresome, when Tim and I went to Hawaii, I thought walking the 5 blocks to Outback Steakhouse was rough.

I love your Hawaii updates.

Michelle said...

p.s. Thanks for posting the pic of the kritten.