Thursday, July 30, 2009


So... remember how it was Kennedy's birthday a while ago? Well since she's still young enough where getting older is a GOOD thing, we had a party for her. And I decided that I should probably blog about it.

Although it was nowhere near as extravagant as last year's princess party, it was still a party. A Spongebob party.

First, we made puppets. Because making inanimate objects talk is awesome.

And they posed for the camera.

We played "Pin the Pants on Spongebob." Because we can't have him walking around in his tighty whities. SO inappropriate for a kid's birthday party.

And what is a birthday party without presents? I'll tell you. A lame one. Luckily ours was far from lame.

And what is a party without cake? I'll tell you. Not as fattening.

Please try to ignore the tacky brown light switch and 70's countertop and backsplash.

Ya know how last year's cake took a bazillion hours? This one only took about 5. So luckily I didn't feel like a piece of my soul was being sliced apart when we cut into the cake.

After the fabulous guests left, our nephew Kaden stayed over for the night. He was a good sport and put Kennedy's make-up on her.

Happy belated birthday post, my love. And thanks to all who came to the party!


Monica said...

What a fun party! I loved the cake and loved the sponge bob game! Very cool.

Sharee and Court said...

So, you should go into the cake making business, i'm pretty sure you would make MILLIONS! You are so talented! I would have you make all my children's birthday cakes. But then again, then you may not want to be baking cakes and decorating them all day long. I don't know why not... :)

Sara said...

Happy birthday Kennedy!! You are too good - making your own amazing cakes, and puppets, and everything! you put me and my costco cake to shame. ;-) She is such a doll!

the mom said...

I love that picture of Kaden applying Kennedy's make-up... that's priceless.

Your cake is fabulous, and LOL to sponge bob with no pants.

You're a good mom : ) And I'm always so impressed with your hair braiding talents. I love the styles you come up with for Miss Kennedy.

Jennifer said...

I love how you did Kennedy's hair in those cute braids. I loved your pin the pants on Sponge bob poster, and that cake was really fun. Thank you again for providing such a fun party!!

Shopgirl1483 said...

I love the cake. it looks really good.

and the nephew putting makeup on kennedy is really cute.

Raising Helm said...

Love the spongebob pants idea. I did laugh out loud. sweet little Kennedy wanting a spongebob cute and hilarious. Props on the art! yea for you!

Smiley Family said...

I absolutely love Kennedy's party dress - adorable! Great job on the cake, it looks delicious!

Lauren said...

I love the cake. I am attempting to make an Elmo one for Syd in September. I doubt it will be as cute as that!

Anonymous said...

Cute photos! Too bad your tacky brown light switch and old counter tops were ruining the moment for me. NOT! Your such a dork. NO one would even notice.

Irene said...

I love, love, love the way you have braided Kennedy's hair. I wish I could do fun braids like that.
The party, fun and games looked like such fun, Cute cake ( was sponge Bob really a mini shredded wheat? I couldn't tell for sure).
Thanks for the pictures and post. I always love the way you write and express things.

Chris said...

How did you make the pineapple for the cake??? You are supermom--my girls hate for me to do anything to their hair, so very sad and ungirly of them to do that to me. :)
Looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

Michelle said...

Ashley you are quite the cake decorator! and hair braider! Where did you get such talent? Your mom...and grandma I suppose. Kennedy is very lucky to have you as her mommy.

Erin and Daryl said...

Ashely your such a fun mom! I'm going to come to you for ideas for my kids partys when they get older. Oh and I wanted to mention the excellent braids in Kennedy's hair, I'm quit impressed:)

Kristin said...

Ah, birthday memories.... :) What fun. The cake was great! You do such fun things. Who was the winner in the Make Sponge Bob Decent game?

I love that Kaden helped Kennedy out with her make up.