Tuesday, March 10, 2009

100th will be postponed

So I have an idea for my 100th post. However, THIS is my 100th post, and I don't have time nor do I really feel like doing it right now. So I will do it at another time.

But for now I will say this: My mother is better at updating her blog than I am. So if you would like an update on my trip, see her blog here.

Or if you are boycotting my blog, like someone I know, then don't go there. Because you will just get depressed.




melanie33 said...

you know what is really annoying? Well yes, there are lots of things, but there is one thing in particular... you know how you will be sitting with someone in a restaurant and having a nice conversation and the person suddenly stops while staring over your shoulder says, "OH MY GOSH that person looks like a giant freak! To which immediately makes you compelled to snap your own neck straining to see the freak show. But as you are doing so, your friend tells you, "DON'T LOOK!" as if you could stop yourself.
That is SO what you just did. "Don't look at my mom's blog... blah blah blah"
now i have two blogs to boycott.
Having this much disdain is exhausting...

Shopgirl1483 said...

your mom is a really good photographer! you and your mom have the same sense of humor. when i read your blog, now i know where you get your sense of humor. you and your have the same voice when you write. it's so funny.

have so much fun!

oh and btw, that is such a cute bikini!

the mom said...

Melanie, your posts always crack me up. Even if you ARE boycotting my blog and expressing your disdain....