Saturday, January 10, 2009

Puppet Productions

Saturday = Justin is working. I finally have a day off. Kennedy is bored out of her mind.

Solution = Craft store!

Today's craft: Paper bag Puppets.

Spongebob: Hi, Patrick. How are you doing?
Patrick: Uh... I'm good, Spongebob, how are you?
S: Good. Do you wanna to go jelly-fishing?
P: Sure!
S: Ok, let's go!

Ariel: Hi, Cinderella. I like your hair.
C: Oh- I like yours, too.
A: Thanks. Kennedy's mom did it for me.
C: Really? Me too! Cool!
A: Yeah, cool! Do you wanna go to the park?
C: Oh yeah! Let's go. Wheeee!

A: Ahhhh!! There's a dinosaur with spots that's going to eat me!!
D: I'm going to eat you.
A: No! Don't eat me!!
D: Mmmm. I like mermaids. [Chomp, chomp, chomp]


Curtain call:


Kristin said...

Your puppets are wonderful. I particularly like the dinosaur, but they're all stunning. And Kennedy, one day she is going to be a famous screen writer.

the mom said...

I love these! Dialogue is fabulous. Arial is a hottie.

And I love that Kennedy is using her puppet theatre :)

Monica said...

You are a good mom. I buy the pre cut felt crafts and just help the kids glue on the pieces. I'm impressed, very impressed.

Raising Helm said...

Way to go supermom!!! way cute and like I have said before...You guys are so talented.

Jennifer said...

You two make a great team!! Thank you for sharing your puppet making and puppet showing talents!

Schwartz Family said...

I was laughing my pants off reading this! your puyppets are awesome!

Lindsey said...

that puppet stage is so cute! You are such a fun mom!

Nice body by the way.

briana said...
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melanie33 said...

sorry had to delete a comment because I was temporarily an idiot and posted under someone elses name and it would have freaked you out a little bit.
What I was going to say was, from the picture I was sure you were ending the show with another unfortunate mermaid molestation by a dinosaur, but you tricked me by ending it with a simple consumption. Much more appropriate for the kiddos.

Shopgirl1483 said...

wow, you are a creative mom. cute puppets!!

Shopgirl1483 said...

I was just looking at spongebob & Ariel and those are SOME fancy puppets!!

Chris said...

You are Mom of the Year, Ashley. And I love that you used some of the puppets as your profile photo on Facebook.