Sunday, August 31, 2008

Into the wild

Ok. We're going to use our imagination. Let's pretend that it's last week, because this actually happened a week ago, Saturday, and I'd feel better about myself if I pretend I'm not a procrastinator. Ready? Alright. We're going back in time ONE week..... [insert music here - whatever science fiction music that makes you think of time traveling]

Justin now has a job (YAY!). The downside to that is that we never see each other. [Ok, this can actually be present day, but still imagine that it's last week, ok?] He works ALL day Saturday and ALL day Sunday at a hospital (he's an LPN). The upside to it is that Kennedy and I have the whole weekend to have mommy-daughter time! So, yesterday (remember, we're imagining that it's last week), instead of spending our Saturday indoors, we went to the zoo with our friends Janica and Angelique (and their freaking adorable kiddies- Kaitlyn, Brooklyn, Grace & Kaleb).

We went to the bird show, which was awesome. A falcon (Ang- correct me if I'm wrong, but I suck at bird species) flew over my head and it's wing brushed my hair. I felt momentarily special. And is it totally pathetic that I seriously got teary-eyed when they brought the bald eagle out? I'm such a baby.

The kids got up close and personal with the leopard. And I don't know how that guy's arm didn't fall off holding that ginormous bird. Must be super-human strength which I don't have.

Then, of course, we all had to pose with the perturbed-looking gorilla, who puts my female anatomy to shame.

Thanks for a fun time, ladies! We need to do it again. And thanks for being my photographers, too.

Oh- and in case you were confused, it's present day, now.


ann michele said...

*lmao* love the comment about the "puts my female anatomy to shame"....

i'm laughing out loud....

melanie33 said...

I love that well endowed gorilla as well. we have annual picture there.
I however and really quited unfortunately put that gorilla to shame. AND NO, it is not a good thing.

Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures! Don't feel bad/stupid about getting emotional when the eagle came out, I nearly cried when Shamu started doing his 100 ft flips, animals are beautiful and will always evoke emotion out of us.

Mommy daughter time is the best.

Shopgirl1483 said...

love the comment about the gorilla putting you to shame. but notice how big that gorilla is. it's children would be as big as us!

also, how did you put your pictures in that cool format? it's very organized.

Smiley Family said...

I have been meaning to take my kids to the zoo all summer, but I have been such a slacker! Not really, I think our summer was full of fun times but it still just doesn't feel complete without a trip to the zoo. I think you have inspired me to go...soon.

the mom said...

When that gorilla gets older, her boobs will be really really saggy... yours won't. Yours will stay nice and perky much longer.

OK, I realize that gorilla won't age because it is a bronze statue - but you know what I mean.

So glad you guys had such a good time. Kennedy needs her mommie time. And Grandma Alli needs her Ashley & Kennedy time! Come visit!

Angelique Archuleta said...

Love the female anatomy comment, I was thinkin' the same about myself!