Sunday, June 1, 2008

Another taste of the Ashleye

Ohhhh yes, baby. I know you've been waiting. Well, wait no longer, my friends.

I present to you: the rest of the pictures (unless I see fit for me to post some others, later).

Oh- and I apologize, but there will be no more elaborate play-by-play of our trip. Just some pictures for you to feast your eyes upon... with some very clever and witty narrative.

Hangin' out with the Hydrangeas. (See? I told you it was clever.)

Thought we'd stop for a while and sun bathe.

Ashlee's babies wanted some Chi Tea. And what babies want, babies get.

As we were walking along the streets of Seattle, these interesting chaps asked if we wanted our picture with them.... They wanted us to pose holding the "list." We weren't on it.

After we narrowly escaped the strange men, we continued down the street to our final destination: Food. Notice the sign above our heads? This is probably the best Italian restaurant I've ever been to. It's in downtown Seattle... it's a really small place, but it is divine. And apparently we were having a moment.

My cute mommy and me standing in front of Puget Sound.

Pike's Market!
Piggy wiggy

I don't like fish. Why am I tasting it? It's good form.

Resting in front of the lovely array of tulips

So... there you go. There's the Ashleye trip. Yay!!

Now it's time to plan for a 4 yr old princess party (this Saturday)!! It will stretch my maternal creativity to it's fullest capacity. We'll see how I do.


the mom said...

I love your snappy dialogue : )

Can't wait to see the birthday cake you make for Kennedy - sure wish I could be there for her party - I'm sure you'll pull off a grand, royal party....

wurstens5 said...

Looks like a fun trip. I love trips with just the girls. We could all use more trips like that. Good Luck with the party, I hope you survive.

melanie33 said...

still wishing I went on a childless trip somewhere. I'd even settle for vernal. well, maybe not that desperate, but you get the idea.
oh and good luck with your party and your maternal instincts. May they be high functioning!

Michelle said...

I HEART Seattle. Ashley your dark brown hair looks fabulous. I loved all your piccys...especially the one with your sweet mamasita.

Michelle said...
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Ashley Rae said...

Ya.. I really want to go back. I'm having vacation withdrawals.

Thanks for the good luck party wishes. I have so much to do. Maybe I'll just change my mind at the last minute and take them all to Chuck-E-Cheeze's. Hehe

Thanks, Michelle! I think I'm preferring my dark hair, too... we'll see how I feel in another year.

CAMI said...

I love Seattle- Specially Pikes- We live only 4 hours from it now but we have only gone twice! SO um that pi pi game for the wii is hilarious!