Thursday, April 24, 2008

Best concert ever

My ears are still ringing. But it was SO worth it.

The night started off with a few local bands, who no one really listened to.

THEN Ben Lee performed. It was just him and his guitar- and he was really good. He's from Australia and has done some solo work as well as some stuff with Ben Folds. I think he looks like a leprechaun. But he was funny and talented.
Finally the moment we were all waiting for came: Ben Folds! He was absolutely incredible. I've never seen a performer interact so much with the audience.

It was awesome. At one point he directed us like a choir. In 3 parts. Everyone willingly participated except for the 2 guys standing behind us who were "too cool" to sing. They shouldn't be allowed at a Ben Folds concert.

He is a master at the piano... I couldn't believe how he played each song with such ease while singing so beautifully. I was swooning.

And he was hilarious. He is the type of performer where you feel like you know him- that you could go up to him and be like "Hey, Ben! What's up? Let's chill." Or something.

I told Justin I wanted to take Ben home with me. He told me he did, too.

Ok- and I found a video of him doing the 3 part harmony thing at a concert... but it's some guy in the audience recording it who sounds a bit tone deaf. And the audio is slightly slower than the video- but it gives you an idea of just how freaking awesome Ben Folds is:

Ok... so the dude recording it was REALLY tone deaf. Sorry.


melanie33 said...

I have seen him a few times, but not in years and you are right... he is a FABULOUS show. And he is one of those artists my husband and I both agree on too. He is just that likable. I am jealous... I must say.

CAMI said...

I would luv to go to a ben folds concert! way fun!

Sarah said...

...still a little jealous.

Im happy you had a great time and got into it. And I agree, people like the two guys behind you who didnt sing, should not be allowed to be at such a great concert.

Lisa said...

How fun! Sounds like you guys just had a really great time! I have lots of Ben Folds on my iPod! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to the show Ashley......To be honest you sounded a little tone deaf too.


Ashley Rae said...

You're welcome, Ben. Thanks for commenting. I'm surprised you could hear me from way up on stage. I guess I was so tone deaf that it was piercing, huh?

the mom said...

Sounds like a great night. I love it when artists interract with the audience.

And so nice of Ben to drop by and comment on your site.