Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ben Folds!

Justin and I don't agree on music. Well, I guess I would be more accurate in saying that he doesn't agree with MY taste in music. He's a music snob. If it has the word "Love" in it, he holds up his cross and backs away.

I like almost all of the bands he listens to, but there's one who we both really like: Ben Folds (formerly Ben Folds Five). He is awesome.

He's nerdy, but in a cool way. And he's very talented. I think you all should start listening to him if you haven't already.

We're going to his concert tonight!! YAY!

"Landed" is one of his more recent popular songs, if you're wondering if you've heard of him.


Sarah said...

Lucky!! (you gotta say that like Napoleon)
I love Bens Fold. There is just something so 'chill' about his music. Im jelous you are going to his concernt tonight. You better have lots of fun! :)

Sarah said...

Ok, I was in a hurry and now im embarassed. I just noticed that I wrote Bens Fold instead of Ben Folds. I really do know and love his music, I swear!

the mom said...

So glad you get to go. There's just nothing like the energy of a live concert!

Ashley Rae said...

Too bad you weren't here, Sarah- it was probably the best concert I've ever been too. He is absolutely amazing!! Hopefully he'll have a concert in AZ soon so you can go!

Mom- that is so true. There is so much adrenaline at live concerts...