Thursday, March 20, 2008

These make me happy.

Daddy is on the left (with one eye- she specifically pointed that out to me), I'm the big one in the middle, and Kennedy is on the right. The dark red illustration is a flower.

This, of course, is a picture of our wonderful house- with grass in front. Dad is on the left, and Kennedy and I are on the right. I wish my legs were really that long.

She can spell and write her own name!! Go Kennedy!

I smile every time I look at these.


the mom said...

This is so much fun - I loved her pointing out that daddy has one eye in the picture. She is just so funny - and so smart!

Sarah said...

I love how you are so much bigger in the first picture. That must mean she loves you the most! :)

Michelle said...

Ashley, there was no need to describe these professional renderings, I knew exactly who everyone was.


Chris said...

Those are priceless treasures. I know I've kept my kids scribbles. Somewhere. :(

She is quite the brilliant artist and can write her entire name already? I am truly impressed.

Ashley Rae said...

Thanks! She has a lot of fun drawing... it's great. Preschool has really helped her with her letters- I'm so glad she's been going. And she loves it!

I need to make a folder to keep all of Kennedy's pictures. (I'm sure it will eventually turn into a box, then a file cabinet, and then maybe even a whole room...)

Kristin said...

These look just like J'Neil's drawings at that age!

Great letters, too.

Kennedy is such a cutie.

Yes, when the time comes that the drawers of artwork and stories are full and something needs to go, it's so hard to choose. You'll want to keep them all.