Wednesday, September 10, 2014

(Half of) A treat (that isn't really for you)

Boy, oh boy, do I have a treat for you. No, it's not edible. Or a fancy prize.  Actually, it's not even tangible. Hm. Ok, I guess it's only a treat for me. It's more of a...well.. it's really just pictures and a mediocre attempt at clever captions about my honeymoon. Gosh, I'm sorry. I made this seem a lot more exciting than it probably is. 

Yeah...I'm just gonna start over.


Getting married is great. Weddings are fun (albeit super stressful). But in all honesty, I think the absolute best part about getting married is having an excuse to go on a honeymoon. Sure, you could just go somewhere tropical without an excuse- but for some reason, honeymooners tend to get special treatment. And we did. And loved it. In Cancun. 

Why did we decide on Cancun? Besides the fact that it's fun to say "Cancun Honeymoon" (I'll bet you just tried it. Haha), we had some good reasons: All-inclusive. Tropical. Cheap-ish. 

We couldn't wait to spend 8 days in paradise and leave the worries of work and normal life behind us.

See how giddy and ready we were for this? I don't think these smiles left our faces for an entire week.

We stayed at a gorgeous all-inclusive COUPLES ONLY resort called The Sun Palace.
I would give it 10 stars out of 5. Everything was perfect. Starting with our arrival. As soon as we walked in, they presented us with a flower and 2 glasses of champagne. Cheers!

The concierge was very pleasant, and talked us into upgrading our room to an ocean view balcony suite (of course he did).  It was DEFINITELY worth it. (Hi, husband!)

Since we arrived at the hotel rather late, we were famished. So we ate dinner at the yummy oriental restaurant, where we ordered a little of everything on the menu, because we could, and then made our way to the lounge to play an exciting game of Jenga. We hung out with another hooneymooning couple who happened to be on our same flight that morning (and they even had the same wedding date! Fellow July 19-ers!).

After we had our fill of Jenga, we decided to walk along the beach for a midnight stroll. Since, you know. Romance.
While walking down to the beach, we heard someone say "SHHH!!" and point to the ground about 20 feet in front of us. We turned and saw a big, round, dark mound, moving on the sand. Sea turtle!!

Sorry it's so dark. You aren't supposed to use your flash around them, so we didn't get any good pictures. But we have some GREAT mental pictures. Here. I'll draw my mental picture for you.
Nailed it.

There were probably about 5 big sea turtles out, that night. We learned from a guy who was working out there that it's turtle nesting season (May - December), and that these big mama turtles come out every night and dig holes for laying eggs. They dig a few holes until they find the "perfect spot" (perfect sand consistency, temperature, etc.) for them to lay their eggs. If they don't find it up to their standard (or "sand-ard" hahahaha), they go back into the ocean and return the next night to try again.

Amazing, huh? We vowed to go back at least a few more times to see them on our trip.

Ok- are you ready for a funny story? I'll bet you are. It's funny.
So if I didn't mention it already, we loved having the balcony overlooking the ocean. I mean, who wouldn't? And just look at those nice reclining lounge chairs. Super comfy, right?

Well, Casey had a wonderful idea. A sweet, adventurous, romantic, wonderful idea.

Casey: "Hey babe! How about we sleep out on the balcony tonight! We can hear the ocean, see the stars, and wake up and watch the sunrise!"
Awwwww. How romantic. And such a wonderful idea.

Now, our row of balconies sits out about 8 feet farther than the row above us, so if there were people in the room above, they could actually look down and see us, but we didn't really care. I mean, come on- we aren't exhibitionists, or anything- and we were just going to sleep.

So we excitedly pulled some of our bedding off the nice, comfortable, cushiony king-sized bed and spread it out on the semi-stiff lounge chairs. Ok, it's no king-sized bed, but this adventure was going to be worth a little discomfort.

The serene sound of the ocean waves and the warm, salty breeze quickly lulled us to sleep...
But then the aching pain in my butt woke me up pretty quickly. Ok, reposition. Then it was my sweat that woke me up. Holy Moses, it was hot out there! But I tried to persevere. Because, you know... sacrificing for a romantic sunrise and all that.  So I kicked the covers off (Casey had already kicked his portion of the covers off), and tried to sleep a little more.

By 4:00 in the morning, after some very uncomfortable and very little sleep, I was drenched in sweat, and I was done. I was ready to go back in the room and actually sleep. I turned over, told Casey that I was ready to go inside.

Now one thing I have learned about Casey is that he is a very active sleeper. He is constantly moving in his sleep. This night was no exception.

I sat myself up to get ready to go inside....

   I noticed that he had not only kicked his covers off...

      I looked down and saw that he had his boxer briefs...

      ...wrapped all the way down around his ankles (he must have been really hot).

         His man-pride was just...hanging out.

            For the world to see. And potentially the people in the balcony above us.

Lucky for Casey, they weren't outside at 4 in the morning. Whew! Although- I actually don't know how long his manhood was displayed like that. They may have gotten a few pictures while I was sleeping. Ha!

Anyway. After laughing at him like a good wife, I woke him up and he shot straight up and quickly pulled up his briefs to cover his junk. We grabbed the bedding, brought it inside, threw it on the bed, and we just flopped ourselves down on top of our king-sized comfortable bed, in the oh-so-heavenly air-conditioned room, and immediately passed out. (Where it didn't matter whether or not our clothes were on. Bow chicka bow wow!)

So. We woke up the next morning (long after the sunrise), and had our delicious breakfast delivered to our room. Believe it or not, even after the 4 in the morning experience, we still liked our balcony. We ate our breakfast out there while looking at this amazing view. Wow.

Unbelievably beautiful.
So unbelievable that we had to get a closer look. Just to make sure it was real.

Isn't it great how NOT crowded the beach is? (And how there are no children running and screaming and kicking sand in your face....?)

Oh it was real.
I made sure of that when I swam in the ocean and made a sunglasses sacrifice to the ocean gods.

You're welcome, ocean. Thank you for letting me enjoy you.

While chilling at this gorgeous beach, we met ANOTHER fun honeymooning couple sitting next to Casey! They were July 19-ers, too!! Pretty cool. (Please note that Casey is appropriately dressed.)

After a long, exhausting day at the beach (hey- we played beach volleyball, so we were tired), we decided to get a romantic couples' massage. (No pictures of that. You're welcome.) It was extremely relaxing.

Included with our room upgrade was a complimentary dinner on the beach. Awwww. It was....perfect. We were serenaded by a lady playing the accordion. Probably the most romantic dinner of my life. (And the food was incredible!)

When we arrived back to our room, we found this lovely surprise. Happy Honeymoon to us! (They also gave us some "honeymooners" t-shirts!) - (Honeymoon bonus- free stuff.)

Ok. Although I have quite a bit more to say about our incredible honeymoon, I think that's enough amazingness for one post.  I don't want to overwhelm you with goodness all in one sitting. 
It's bad for your health.

Tune in next time for more awesomeness. And the other half of your my treat.


Irene said...

Thanks for sharing your honeymoon with us. It was fun and beautiful.

Brandon said...

Wow, such a beautiful place! And looks like such a fun time. And of course your writing made me laugh hysterically. I love the turtle drawing. And all your silliness. So glad you could have fun together in Cancun.

Unknown said...

As if the honeymoon itself wasn't memorable enough, you now have a story to tell forever. How funny.

Looks absolutely beautiful!

And of course I loved your picture of the turtle from memory. Thanks for sharing! :)

the mom said...

The turtle picture is my favorite. Thank you so much. The Casey story is very funny - the only thing that would have made it better is if he'd been talking in his sleep at the same time.....

paul said...

your writing is very entertaining. thank you for makinf me laugh. Your honeymoon looked amazing. Thanks for the pictures.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing so many lovely and funny details of your amazing honeymoon! I enjoyed reading all about it. Sounds like I need to go away on a couple's holiday and pretend it's my honeymoon so we get extra special treatment. I wonder if anyone ever does that?