Thursday, September 4, 2014

July 19, 2014. Mawwage.

When Casey and I first started planning for our wedding, we kept thinking about how much easier (and cheaper!) it would be to elope. Neither of us cared about a big wedding, fancy decorations, big cake, expensive dress, etc., so why waste all of that time, stress, and money when you can just run away to Vegas and get 'er done that way? However, the more people we talked to, the more we realized that, while we may not have cared so much about a big, fancy wedding, we really wanted to celebrate and share our special day with all of our closest family and friends, and that they also wanted to celebrate with us. (Who wouldn't? Amiright?)

So we went ahead and planned a big wedding. The only thing we really cared about was that everyone was there and that they were having a great time. All of the other little details just fell into place. (Or Casey figured them out- because he's good at planning...and I didn't really care. Haha.)

As far as pictures, I don't yet have the professional ones back from our amazing photographer, so I will just post the ones that I have- from friends and family. I will do a separate blog post of the beautiful wedding pictures when I get them. In the meantime, here you go! 

I present to you: our wedding day!!

This is us the morning of our wedding!!

Casey's beautiful sister Emily (I LOVE HER!!) is just so sweet (and talented) and she did all of our flowers for us. WOW. They were incredible!!


Here is a picture of Alex & Emily, just because they are so amazing.

As everyone else prepared the food and flowers at the house, we drove up to the wedding site to get ready.

We got married at a place called Camp Taylor, located just outside of Pocatello. It is traditionally a youth camp, but can be rented for family reunions, scout camps, weddings, etc.  They even had cabins for everyone to sleep in! We were surrounded by gorgeous pine trees, a stream, and tall mountains. The weather was incredible. We couldn't have asked for a better day or location. It was PERFECT.

While the dudes were setting everything up outside, I was being a prissy bride and getting ready inside one of the cabins. My Glam Squad (i.e. Sara and Sandy, a/k/a my honorary bridesmaids) worked their magic and got me all beautified.

They also played beauty shop with some of the other princesses in the wedding.

And man oh man. I got my first glimpse into Kennedy's future as a total knock-out. WOW!! I just...really? Wow. Stop growing up. I mean it. I need to lock her up.

A picture with my beautiful Maid of Honor. Ashley been by my person for the last 18 (almost 19) years. She knows more about me than anyone in the world. I need to make sure to never really piss her off.

Selfie with 3 of my favorite girls!!

One of the duties of the maid of honor.
Get it? Duties? Hehehehe

It's me with all 5 of my new Price siblings!! I am SO dang lucky to have them in my life. I love them all. A ton. I didn't think it was possible to have this many normal people in a family. But apparently it is.
(Oh- and this is me in wedding dress #2!!)

I tried to play runaway bride- up the mountain. Then I quickly realized that I probably wouldn't get very far in that poofy dress...and flip flops.

The flower girls and ring bearers waited patiently (or not so patiently...) for their turn to walk down the aisle. (p.s. I made the dresses. Aren't they pretty? I'm so proud of myself.)

WOW my little niece is a beauty. She must get her looks from her aunt. (Me. This aunt. I'm talking about myself. Not any other aunt. Only this one.)

All of the super adorable little flower girls stole the show as they tried to throw flowers from their baskets. 

Our huge wedding line. Casey has a big family. And an even bigger group of friends.

Sometime during all of this excitement of walking down the aisle, the ring bearer (my adorable new nephew) LOST MY RING
Luckily, his mother (one of my new sisters) was smart enough to make sure I was oblivious to this. After she stressed out, had everyone around her searching for it, and nearly had a heart attack, the ring was found. Crisis averted. 
Barely. Haha.

And ohmygoshyouguys. 
Casey's vows were the best. Ever. Ever, ever, ever.
I mean, my vows were fine, and heart-felt, and they made me cry. 
But Casey. Wow. As soon as he uttered his first few words...*sigh. It was just so perfect the way he started getting choked up with emotion, started crying, and then had a hard time getting the words out kept it together like a man.
There was hardly a dry eye in the crowd.
It was sweet, funny, and sincere. And romantic. 

My favorite line was: "I promise to always be ok with the fact that you're cooler than me."

I think I found myself a keeper.
(So it's a good thing I married him.)

And then... and THEN, you guys, he did the sweetest thing in the world. This man of mine - no, this husband of mine - said some vows to my Kennedy Rae. We gave her a heart necklace, and he said the sweetest words to her. "I may not have been there when you took your first steps, but I promise to be there for every step you take for the rest of my life..." GAH! 
And then everyone cried even more. (I'll bet you're even crying, now, aren't you?)

Kennedy was beaming.
So was I.

After we dried our eyes a little, we were then pronounced "Husband and Wife". And it was official.
Mr. & Mrs. Price! 

Happy wedding day, everyone!! Time for some celebrating!

And time to hug my dad. 

Look at these beautiful big-little girls! I am so happy they were there!

This is Casey's beautiful sister, Morgan, and her fiancé, Jason! Their wedding is in 2 months. We're so excited for ANOTHER wedding! Congrats!!

These adorable girls were plotting how to steal a piece of cake without getting caught.

Such a beautiful picture of brother & sister. 

Somewhere during the evening, I went to change out of my poofy wedding dress (#2) and into wedding dress #3 (my party dress! Woo hoo!).

And party we did!

My new husband!

Some of our fun friends!

More friends!

Aw, look! It's my ghost bff!!


Brother's family!

I sure love this beautiful lady. This wedding was almost as much for her as it was for me.  I am so happy that she was able to be there and to see her daughter get married. :)

Me! And my long tongue!

(Ok, enough with all of the yelling. It's just so exciting I can't seem to help it.)

My mom got these darling parasols for the wedding. I'm sad we didn't find a time to use them more often- but they sure look adorable here, don't they?

Here are my wonderful friends from work. I can't believe they came all the way up to Idaho- for me. Awwwwww. I love them.

It was the most beautiful day I could have asked for. Everything I had imagined and more. I was completely overcome with gratitude for everyone who took time out of their lives to come up and celebrate with us and witness our marriage. Casey and I feel so grateful for all of our amazing friends and family who not only attended the wedding, but also helped out with everything!  Thank you - to all of you!!

Happy wedding day to us!!

Next up- the Cancun honeymoon! With baby sea turtles!


the mom said...

Love, love, love. This was the best wedding ever - so much fun, so much love, so many beautiful people (inside and out), so much food... LOL...

While eloping would certainly have been much easier, this was a far more rewarding way to celebrate your union. And, yes, I was so grateful to be able to attend - be there on the front row and witness the amazing vows and cry and celebrate with you. Instead of sitting out in a waiting room somewhere. But we won't go there.

The flower girl dresses were SOOO cute - you really did an amazing job with them. I was so impressed with how everything just fell into place... kind of like it was meant to be? :)

"We're so happy you're so happy... just as long as you stay happy, we'll stay happy..... "

Casey is so very mother approved. The vows were perfect, and so were his manly tears :) I don't think I've ever seen Kennedy as happy as she was on that day - and how content and happy she has been since. Testament to a loving home and family.

Love you!

paul said...

manly tears? Perfect. I cried too.

Brandon said...

Such an incredibly fun wedding! And a great reason to have one, too! It was beautiful in so many ways, and yes, we did have a blast, so goal accomplished there. :) So happy for you guys!

Jennifer said...

Pure pleasure to re-live this day through your fun and beautiful photos and perspective. Thank you for posting about it! Such a fun wedding! Couldn't be happier for you, Casey, and Kennedy. Many congratulations! I laughed and cried all over again. <3