Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A random Wednesday post

- Happy March 27th!!!!!!!

- Did anyone see the moon last night/this morning? BEAUTIFUL. 

- I feel the need to publicly admit something: 
I am obsessed with my dog (Maddie).  No, really. OBSESSED.  Like- I can't stop talking about her to random strangers. "Hey, lady at the checkout counter at Trader Joe's! Want to see a picture of my puppy? Isn't she cute? And look at this one. And this one. Here she is, eating her toy. Oh- and here she is, sleeping.  And here she is, chewing on my shoes..."  
It used to be that (pre-puppy), when I went to Target to get groceries, I'd find myself wandering into the kid's section and women's section to find all sorts of cute clothes for Kennedy and myself (there's some sort of rule that says you can't go into Target and walk out with JUST what you came for...). And don't get me wrong- I still do that. However, now I find myself wandering more toward the pet aisle, finding things my little puppy would love to play with. Or eat. Or sleep on. Or wear. (Don't worry. I haven't bought her any clothes. ... Yet.)
Obsessed, I tell you.
But seriously - can you really blame me?

AHHH!! She's so cute!!!! 
In my defense, I'm not the only one with this new-found puppy obsession.

These two are steadily becoming best friends. Kennedy sits on her, mauls her, dances with her, carries her, plays dress-up with her, has 'tickle fights' with her.  And as you can see by Maddie's facial expressions in these pictures, she loves EVERY minute of it.  ...
 So precious.

Oh my word, we are so in love with her.  I just wish she would look like a puppy forever. (But maybe not ACT like a puppy...) She has already almost doubled in size :(  *sniff *sniff
- Ok, I did say this was a  "random" Wednesday and not "puppy" Wednesday post.  So let's change topics, shall we?

- Spring is nigh! I'm so excited to finally get my fingernails all dirty with earth. Utah weather is always iffy in the spring. Last week we had snow (yuck), but this weekend is forecasted to be beautiful. Time to dig into my garden. My yard will thank me. My wallet, on the other hand, will not.

- I've been addicted to apples/peanut butter, lately. But not the fake peanut butter. Only the good stuff.

- I've also been addicted to these yummy ice-breaker fruit mint things. I probably go through a pack a day.  *Droooooooool.

- We went skiing last weekend (making lemonade from lemons, with the uninvited snowfall...)! We had so much fun. Kennedy is a natural. I, on the other hand, am slowly (but surely) learning.  (Hi boyfriend, in the background!)

Casey and his friends took us to this cool fort in the trees.  Kennedy was fascinated.

She said that next time we go, we have to bring hot chocolate. I think that's a splendid idea.

- I got a new computer: A shiny new Macbook!! (My old laptop died. RIP.)  And I love it. Thanks for convincing me to buy it, mom :)

- One thing I don't think I can ever go generic brand on is toilet paper. Only Charmin for thiderrière.

- I'm craving pizza. (When am I not craving pizza?)

- I have about 250 more Bali pictures to go through. I'll post them, sometime. I'd like to say the reason I haven't blogged is because of my dead laptop.  But it's not. I just have a crazy busy life.

A crazy busy AWESOME life.

Thanks for being a part of it.

Peace out.


barlow.stephanie said...

that is a dang cute puppy. More puppy pictures please!

Raising Helm said...

It's about time! I have missed your bloggingness. :) Your dog and little kennedy are adorable as usual. Yes, I would say you are obsessed. Can't wait to see one of your cute posts on your dirt and flowers and of course your little green thumb. Glad you are still alive and enjoying life-your happy life. sigh! that makes me happy!

Jennifer said...

I am looking forward to meeting your sweet puppy in August. Thank you for sharing such sweet photos in the meantime. :)

jen said...

I hate generic toilet paper. My in-laws buy it and not only is it super thin, but it's scratchy. Terrible!

Your puppy is SO cute. Enjoy it because they are only puppies for like 5 minutes.