Monday, January 7, 2013

Even more history.

Happy 2013, everybody!! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and New Year's.  I most definitely did. Why?  Well let me just go ahead and tell you. This year, Kennedy and I traveled to Bali to spend the holidays with my brother, his wife and kids, and our mom. Sounds amazing, right? You'd be correct, although that's putting it mildly.  It was far more incredible than I could have ever imagined.  

Here is a picture so you can have a small taste of it.

Mmm. Doesn't that taste good? Just you wait until I give you more. Holy crapoli, those two weeks were transcendental.  But more on that, later. 

Hopefully sooner than later.

For now, I am very determined to finish my documentation of my East Coast trip.  I only have 2 more posts to go. I could combine them into one, but that would probably overwhelm you with too much awesomeness. So instead, here is number one.  Numero dos will be coming in a few days.

Washington DC. 

Casey's aunt, who lives in McLean, VA (very close to DC), was gracious enough to let us stay at her house for a few nights. We spent 2 full days in DC, yet we still felt like we hardly saw any of it. I took a gazillion pictures. And then a few more. To save on blogging time and space (and to make it less boring for you), I will keep my captions short and succinct. You're welcome.

Arlington cemetery. Beautiful.

Tomb of the unknown soldier. Sobering.

WWII Vets. Emotional. (We were lucky enough to witness a tribute ceremony to these WWII vets. Pretty cool.)

Cat in a sink. Adorbs.

Crooked lamppost. Mildly amusing.

Lincoln Memorial. Grand.

Lincoln. Huge.

Bright vermilion autumn tree. Stunning.

The capital building. Under construction.

Our home states! Adorkable.

Natural History Museum. Mmm. Bronze fish.

Washington Monument. Tall. (That's Casey's cute mom standing next to me.)

Vietnam Memorial. Beautiful.

The view. Amazing.

White House. Smaller than I had expected.

DC Cupcakes. Yummmmmm. (This is actually in Georgetown, DC. A very quaint and charming little area.)

See? Short and succinct.

Next up (and last up for this trip), a day in the Big Apple.


Jennifer said...

We miss you over here on the other side of the world. :) It's fun to see more photos from your trip to Washington D.C. What beautiful leaves on that tree and such a pretty kitty. I bet those cupcakes are scrumptious. How amazing and educational it must have been to see all of those historical sites in person.

the mom said...

I'm so happy that you are continuing to blog in 2013 - I love seeing/reading your take on the world.

Bali holiday WAS amazing... and I look forward to your review.

The autumn tree (thank you for using the word vermillion) is glorious and deserves worship. Were there any druids about?

Your photo essay has sparked a desire in me to visit the northeast coast..

Wrights said...

You looked nice and cozy with Casey's mom. That's a good sign, right? :)
So much to see in DC, and the cool part is it makes you feel smart, like you're educating yourself and enjoying yourself at the same time. Kind of like a pedicure. Kind of.

Kendrick and Desiree said...

Love it! Naturally, you look gorgeous and totally laid back. You fun posts put my blog to shame! I want to hear more about Bali...

Brandon said...

Wow, lots of fun and interesting places. Amazing how much concrete is in New York, but also glad to see some trees. I'm happy you could enjoy both. :)

Brandon said...

Oops. I left that on the wrong post. Washington D.C. isn't quite New York. Still, I'm especially looking forward to seeing your post(s) on Bali!