Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More maturity

A while back, I posted an entry from my childhood (9-10 yrs old) journal and I promised I would share more. Here you go:

January 30, 1992:
It was the worst day of my life! Mrs. Servello HATES ONLY me! I have had such a bad day, I have a headache! It’s 9:02 pm in the afternoon. I have one more chance for a boyfriend. Kyle, he is sooooo cute.

[I remember that teacher. She was such a b****. I still have nightmares about her. *shudder.* And Kyle? I have no recollection of him. I must have failed at that 'one more chance' thing.]

February 12, 1992:
I hate Isaac. I’m going to my mom’s friend Jamie’s house. I hope it’s good soup.
[What? That was very random, little Ashley.]

May 9, 1992:
Yesterday was my brother’s birthday. Today we got him some roller-blades.  He thinks that he can roller-blade better than me. Me and Brandon are almost best friends now. I can’t trust him quite yet.  A little bit longer until I can trust him.
[First of all, I am way better at rollerblading than he is. Second, I think I just discovered the beginning of my trust issues.]

July 22, 1992:
I’m doing pretty good on my writing in my journal.  I wonder how long it will last me? 5 years mabey.  I don’t need a boy friend while I’m 9 years old. [But that obviously didn't stop me.] Brandon thinks he’s cool just because he’s going to into Jr. High School.  And because he swares. I don’t sware.
[I remember one time when Brandon made me say every swear word to him out loud. It made me cry. At the time, I thought he was a big, fat, jerk. However, in retrospect, I realize that he was just trying to make me as cool as he was. How sweet.]

August 22, 1992:
Today I learned about child abuse. It was a sick show! Uncle Jim stuck his hand down his pants! Anyway, I learned to say no to anything that a stranger offers you. 
[That nasty Uncle Jim. And yes, kids. Say no to strangers. Unless they're offering you money. In that case, just take it and RUN.]

September 14, 1992:
My breasts are growing fast!
[Little did I know, they would stop growing by the end of third grade.]

January 30, 1993:
Today I watched “Big!” It is a good movie! Brandon is so mean! He thinks that I am his slave! He says, Ashley do this, Ashley do that!
[I'm sure he assumed I was his slave because I always ended up doing everything he asked me to. Little sisters don't really have a choice, though. ]

March 26, 1993:
I went bowling on Thursday, at Natalie’s party! I got one strike and two or three spares. It was fun. Morgan won.  Brandon is almost the nicest brother in the world, but a tiny teeny little bit more nicer would fix it. 
[Right there is the proof that, even at a young age, girls are never completely satisfied, no matter how hard men try.]

Don't worry, Brandon. I have long since forgiven you. At least you're the nicest brother in the world, now. :)


Sarah Jane said...

I learned so much from this post.

#1. I think my breasts stopped growing at the end of 3rd grade too. :(
#2. It's true. Women are never satisfied no matter how much a man changes.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! This brought back flashbacks of my horrifying journal entries! But now I wish I hadn't thrown my journal away. When I was in Junior High I would document the outfits of the "popular" girls and then draw a diagram of my face to show where I was getting pimples and then throw out something random like, "I wonder why my mom didn't add meat to the spaghetti sauce tonight?"

Oh, it's amazing we survived those years and turned into semi normal adults!

Raising Helm said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! THAT WAS HILARIOUS! Wow you and the boys Ash. ha ha ha so sorry you had do go through those crazy stages of swearing and breast issues. I seriously can't stop laughing. Hope the journal entry's have been stepped up a line or to. Still hilarious, just more adventures. love ya chica!

Kristin said...

These are hilarious. I can't decide which is my favorite. Though I have a bit of a hard time visualizing you reciting all known "sware words" to Brandon. How exactly did he *make* you do this? Brothers can be such jerks... :D

Jennifer said...

Nothing like exploring old journal entries. Everything else suddenly begins to make a lot more sense after that. You and Brandon make the perfect brother/sister combination ever. I'm glad Brandon has reformed somewhat from his old ways, too. :)

Brandon said...

It's so fun to glimpse into your childhood (and mine). Who'd of thought I could be so nice and so mean all in the same year. (Did I really change that much, or was it just your perception of me?)

I remember the slave thing. That was a really fun game! (Emily does it with Marie sometimes, too). And didn't I make you do math problems or something, too?

I don't think I was ever really into swearing, but I do remember one time recording some swear words into a tape recorder, and yeah, I probably wanted to impress you or something. But I've never used them much in conversation (or even when angry, for that matter).

We didn't always get along as kids, and I'm sorry if I caused you any irreparable damage. Fortunately, you turned out amazing anyway (I'm still a work in progress), and I'm very glad we get along so well now. I feel more comfortable being my goofy self around you than anyone else I know. Thanks for putting up with me all those years and for being such an awesome sister!

Ashley Rae said...

Yeah, I think much of it was my perception of how you were. I think it's much more likely that I was an emotional rollercoaster, and not you :)

I'm glad we've gotten so close over the years- I love how much fun we have together. We bring out the silly side of each other- in a way that no one else has been able to. Love you!

paul said...

I thought I posted a couple of days ago. I realized today that it didn't post. Hum. It was the funniest post I have ever made. It had something to do with the fact that I didn't start getting my boobs until I was fifty. There was a lot of gasping for air moments but now the timings off.
Loved this post and looking through the eyes of a child.

the mom said...

LOLOL... how did I miss this post? I love childhood journal entries - always great for a laugh.

Just re-read this and laughed again.

Your love/hate relationship with Brandon was a trial to all of us. So happy you've turned out to be great friends - and both very awesomely, nerdy cool.

Lauren said...

Oh my gosh-- I have never laughed so hard reading a blog before. Those are priceless! Thanks for sharing :). And feel free to share more :). Seriously. So funny!