Tuesday, May 22, 2012


For the last two years, Kennedy has been in this program called Up With Kids, which is a musical theater training program.  At the end of each season, the kids put on a final production for all to see.  Kennedy, being the little performer she is, absolutely loves doing this.

This year they did a rendition of Rapunzel.

Here are the pictures. (The quality sucks because I was in a hurry and forgot my real camera. Deal with it.)

Before going on stage!
I think I might have to invest in some braces/headgear and some really thick glasses to ugly her up a little bit...

Scene 1: First she was a princess. They all look so excited, don't they?

Scene 3-ish?: Then these princesses read stories about other princesses and sang a song about it.

Scene 5: Oh look! Now they're menacing vikings.

"Hm... I wonder how this dress would look if I took it in a little bit in the back..."

This is where she had her speaking part. I took a short video of it. She did great! She's a natural :)

Scene 8: And we're back to being a princess.

Finally, the finale (which is so appropriately named).
It may look like she's showing you an offensive finger, but she's actually doing sign language. Don't worry.

Great job, Kennedy! I'm so proud of you!


Jennifer said...

Wow! How fun for Kennedy.

I was laughing quite a bit about your taking the dress in comment. Emily is always doing that to her clothes too, when she thinks they aren't form-fitting enough for her tastes.

I wish I could have been there to see Kennedy's performance. Emily and Marie would both love to do a program like that.

There are a couple acting workshops for kids here in Ubud this summer, but they are being held during times we will be out of the country for a while. :( Maybe next year though.

Kennedy will have to do a little mini-performance for us when we see you guys next. :)

Wrights said...

The girls would have loved to have come see her but we've been a little....distracted around here lately:) Next time.

the mom said...

I love that she's so comfortable on stage... like her mama :)

And yes, the taking in the dress comment is so true and funny...

The Anderson's said...

Ash you are totally going to have to ugly her up a bit! She is gorgeous!

Sara B. Larson said...

That's awesome! You're right, you totally need to figure out a way to ugly her up, because she is too dang cute!!! ;) You're going to have to fight the boys off.

Kristin said...

This is fun! I'm so glad she gets to participate in it! I'd love to have seen the performance.

Brandon said...

How fun! That's so great she can participate in this and that she's so good at it. I miss being in plays. The time will come again, I'm sure. :)

paul said...

I loved going to these type of things when my boys were small. I don't think they ever did a play but they were in Christmas skits and stuff like that. What a hoot.