Tuesday, March 20, 2012


This is what has been happening as of late.

We had crazy-awesome-warm weather. So Kennedy learned how to long board. She rocked.

She has been fighting me every morning with having to brush her long, blonde, tangled, rat-nest hair. So we chopped it off. And our mornings have been much more pleasant.

We went to IHOP to get a balloon hat, and then we had to show it off to everyone at Costco.
And for our weekly girls' night, Ashley and I sent threatening (and extremely flattering) pictures to those who offended us.


Sara B. Larson said...

Love her new haircut! She's such a doll. And I want that warm weather to come back ASAP. This snow is depressing. Maybe you could send threatening texts to the cold and make it go away. ;)

the mom said...

LOL... you and Ashley are nuts. I love it. Had a lot of people offended you?

And I also love Kennedy's fancy balloon hat. I'm sure all the shoppers at Costco were jealous they didn't have one.

Kennedy is getting so grown up! Her hair cut is really cute, but makes her look so much older!

Jennifer said...

Kennedy looks so beautiful, as always. I think she is looking so grown up too! Fun balloon hat. :) I hope your offenders are shaking in their boots!!

Kristin said...

Kennedy looks darling with her new cut. And the balloon hat was very fashionable; I don't blame you for wanting to show it off at Costco.