Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Muchas gracias.

What are you going to do once I stop posting every day? Cry, probably, huh? Well, here's the good thing- maybe now you can stop wasting SO much time perusing through my blog and you can finally get on with your busy life.  It will be a difficult adjustment, but I know you can do it.  I believe in you.

Until then, here's another "Gratitude" post for you.

I'm thankful for Kennedy's teacher. We have lucked out each year (so far) with having incredible teachers.

I'm thankful for my own education. I'm also thankful for all of my past teachers who actually put up with my incessant social-butterfly-ness (which I may or may not have passed on to Kennedy...).

I am thankful for my dad. He is such an outstanding person - a wonderful example to me of honesty, love, realism, humbleness, kindness, acceptance and knowledge (among many others). I am excited to spend Thanksgiving with him, tomorrow. :)

I'm thankful for Justin. He is such a great dad to Kennedy, and loves her more than life, itself.  She sure loves her daddy.

I am thankful for my health (physical, mental and emotional). ... (Although some people might question the state of my mental health, on occasion).

Finally, I'm thankful that tomorrow is Thanksgiving (which is the whole reason I made this stupid goal of writing "thankful" posts on my blog, every day) (ok, not "stupid," but time-consuming) (and I guess I did benefit from it, at least a little bit) (so I'm thankful that I could be thankful all month long).  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

(And I'll leave you with some pictures, because I have so many to share.)

Here we are at the Kilauea Light House. We sure make a cute little family, don't we?

And this IS the Kilauea Light House.  Apparently it's a great place for whale watching... if' it's whale watching season. Which it wasn't.

We went to Hideaways Beach  to look at the very cool tide pools. We saw quite a few little fish and a LOT of sea cucumbers.

Shortly after this picture was taken, I was super awesome and slipped on a mossy rock and sliced open my foot. Ouch. (I had to remind myself that, even if the blood-smelling sharks found me, they can't swim in tide pools.)

Oh look! Cute moorish idols! Don't worry, little fishies- the sharks won't get you here.

Here are the cute cousins in front of the renowned Hanalei taro fields.

And behind me is the beautiful town of Hanalei. *Sigh... I miss that place.


the mom said...

Yes, I will be very sad when you stop posting every day. Maybe even cry.

But happy to know how great your life is, how happy you are, how surrounded you are by awesome people that you love and who love you.

Wish I could spend tomorrow with you - have a happy Thanksgiving, baby.

Jennifer said...

Thank you again for taking us to see those tide pools. They were very cool ones. I only wish you hadn't cut your foot. I hope it is healing up well now.

Kristin said...

I love Moorish Idols! They are my favorite. Where did you see them. Please tell me it was somewhere other than the delightful tidal pools at hideaways because I can't go there. Well, maybe if I wore a burka. But otherwise I would be eaten alive by mosquitoes before I ever hit the beach. Moorish Idols I love. Mosquitos, not so much.

Ashley Rae said...

@Kris- those actually WERE at Hideaways... however, we were not attacked by any mosquitoes! ... Only slippery rocks :)