Friday, November 4, 2011

It's still today.

Ok, so I'm on Hawaii time. And while it's tomorrow in Utah, it's still today where I am. So this counts as my Friday entry. Don't argue with me.

Today my gratitude goes mostly to Kennedy. While yes, she had her whiny moments on the plane(s), overall I was very impressed with how she behaved. She continually expressed how thankful SHE was that she was able to go to Hawaii with me (and with her cousins). She was almost all smiles, through a total of nearly 15 hours of traveling. Kudos, my little one.

I am also grateful for nice people. Nice flight attendants, nice people at the car rental place, nice bus drivers who wouldn't even accept a tip, nice people sitting next to me on the plane, etc. A friendly smile or "hello" from a random stranger has such a strong impact on me. I love people who are genuinely friendly and nice to everyone they see. Thank you, friendly people.

Lastly, I'm thankful for my friends. (I'll probably use this one quite often, so I'll be more specific.) My sweet friend Gino woke up early and took Kennedy and me to the airport at 6:30 this morning. That is friendship. (Although maybe his wife made him do it. Hehe) Also, a very special thanks to the other friends who offered. You guys are the best.

Good night and aloha!

P.S. I actually have pictures to post, but I don't know how to upload them to blogger from my iPhone and I don't feel like figuring it out right now. So there.


paul said...

All that travel time makes me think that the trip couldn't be worth it but that's just my fear of flying talking. I think all of you in Hawaii sounds increadible. What memories you will create. I'm jealous and envious.

Raising Helm said...

Aloha! oh I hope you are enjoying a glorious day/night whatever-you're in Hawaii. GLOOOORIOUS!!! have fun and hang loose my friend-you're on Hawaiian time:) thank you for you!