Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Funday

As Rebecca Black would say, "It's Friday, Friday". And today, she would be correct. Hallelujah, for that.

Yes, peeps. I'm grateful that it's Friday. It means that the weekend has officially begun. What are my plans, you ask? To clean, take down the rest of my Halloween decorations (don't judge me), contemplate putting up my Thanksgiving decor (for a WHOLE week), then probably decide against it, hang out with my little miss K, and perhaps snuggle up with a blanket, some hot chocolate, and a good book.  Sounds like a glorious weekend, to me.

I'm also grateful for IMDB (The Internet Movie Database).  Do you want to know who was in what movie and when and what else they were in and who was in it with them and what ratings that movie received and who directed it and what else he directed and who was in that and when they were born? Well, you can. (I'll bet you're so relieved, aren't you? You're welcome.)

Lastly, I'm thankful for my iPhone. I love that I can listen to music - on my phone. Whatever music I choose. 10 years ago (?), the only way to listen to music on your phone was when you were put on hold. And that music usually sucked. Unless you really like Kenny G, then I guess you wouldn't find it sucky.

And guess what else? Here are some pictures. But only a couple. I won't overload you all at once. You need a little time to recover from their awesomeness, after all.

My brother and I....when we get together, we are somethin' else, I tell ya. I mean, individually, we're pretty strange, anyway, but once we unite... watch out, world.

Here is the point in our vacation when I let Kennedy try her hand at photography. She asked me to be the subject, and instructed me to pose in various ways.  "Make a crazy face. No, mom- crazier. No, CRAZIER!!"

Next was "Make a maaaaad face, mom."  ...

Now there's a look that could kill. You sure wouldn't want to meet me in a dark alley.

Finally, I daresay this was my most favorite picture from the trip. For the record, the horses weren't even moving.


paul said...

You're miss megga post. I can't keep up. I love your posts but when I get to them I've already missed commenting on two or three. I don't mind if you don't. I still read and enjoy every one.

Raising Helm said...

Love the "Friday Funday" reminds me of elementary when everyday had its name: Wednesday wedding day, thursday throw up day... love it! Those pics are awesome and yes, I will need to take a breather because of their awesomeness. You are beautiful! Love the ladies and their riding skills, dramatic comes so naturally. Kennedy's photo skills are "mad"-way cute!

the mom said...

I'm loving your 30 days of gratitude series. I'm sure I'll miss it when you go back to posting once a week or whenever...

You and Brandon are ridiculous, and I love it. Though I simply do not know where you get your craziness from.

Brandon said...

It's so fun to be goofy with you. Thank Sash!