Monday, August 29, 2011

Horchata and Thunder

Do you know what's tasty?

Mexican food.

And do you know what goes really well with Mexican food?


Speaking of horchata, this is a good song.

Do you know what else I like?


Do you know what I do NOT like?

My dog barking for over an hour straight at midnight and keeping me awake because she thinks that the thunder monster is going to reach down and swallow her whole.

Poor thing. Maybe she needs some anxiety meds. In the meantime, I need some sleep.


melanie33 said...

Mexican food is good.
Vampire weekend is good.
Thunderstorms are good.
Whining dogs are the devils way of laughing in your face.
And that is bad.

Sara B. Larson said...

I love Mexican food. I miss Mexican food (since it upsets my baby's stomach). I also love horchata and thunderstorms. Sorry about the dog though.

Michelle said...

Lol what is Horchata? I'm from the Mexican capital and have never heard of it.

Brandon said...

I also love Mexican food. Horchata is okay, but I prefer a good tequila. :) lol. Just kidding. I also love thunderstorms - we get a lot of those here in Costa Rica this time of year - almost every afternoon.

Ashley Rae said...

Michelle- you don't know what Horchata is? Mmmm. It's a delicious milky rice/sugar/cinnamon cold drink. You should order some next time there's a place that sells it. It's super yummy.

Wrights said...

Nothing better than washing down Mexican food with horchata. Speaking of that, we should go to lunch sometime soon:)

Michelle said...

Well that does sound yummy.

Jennifer said...

Mmmm...yes I also like Horchata, and it does make a great companion to Mexican food to mellow out the spiciness. I like it with just about anything though. :)