Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Here are some random thoughts swimming through my brain, this afternoon:

It's getting chilly outside.

And I would be happy with that if it didn't mean that stupid winter is just around the corner.

Because that means 6 months of freezing weather. And 3 months of an ugly inversion hanging over my head.

I'm in the mood for some chocolate.

Kennedy started first grade! She's getting so big. . . I feel old.

I love our family bike rides.

Ashlee and the babies moved WAY closer to me. Instead of a 35 minute drive, it's a 7 minute drive (Kennedy timed it for me). Hooray!

We're taking a family trip to Seattle! Justin has never been, so we're pretty stoked.

I asked Kennedy what she wants to do most in Seattle. Her request: go to the park and the library. Sounds like we need to add a little more excitement to her life.

I don't know how it's physically possible, but I swear my house is getting smaller.

I want to live somewhere that is 75+ degrees year-round. And that has an ocean. And palm trees. And a cabana boy. Or two.

I really like chocolate.

My house would be a whole lot cleaner if I didn't have to be at work all effing day.

Our puppy is quite lucky that she has the most darling little face. Her adorableness has saved her life a few times.

I have a very sexy husband.

I could use a complete wardrobe makeover. Will someone please call "what not to wear" and tell them how terribly UN fashionable I am? Thank you.

I think I'm going to go get myself some chocolate.


Wrights said...

Random thoughts for you:

I feel old too. Super old.

I think you have a great wardrobe. And my closet is like ten feet away from your house so feel free to come 'shop' anytime.

Come spend the day with my kids and you'll be begging to go back to work.

Your husband is very sexy. Agreed:)

Anonymous said...

All I saw of the comment before mine is-"your husband is very sexy." Hmmm...
I'll call 'What not to Wear' on you if you call them on me. I have a feeling that neither of us dress horrid enough though to qualify for that show. We would have to spend 100.00 at the DI before they came to film us and HIDE all of our normal clothes so they wouldn't suspect anything;) Still, it may be worth it for a FREE trip to NY, 5,000 for clothing, and a chance to ask Stacey about that ridiculous grey streak in her hair...

Jennifer said...

I need a wardrobe, period. I don't have one anymore. However, I do like about two of the very few shirts that I still own.

I'm also in the mood for some chocolate. So, I made some chocolate fudge sauce today. Mmmm...

Have fun in Washington! It is one of my very favorite places on earth!!!

Sara said...

When am I NOT in the mood for chocolate? Ugh. And I LOVE WNTW. I'd totally want to go on it. :) But I'm sure your wardrobe is way to good lookin' to get nominated.

Brandon Pearce said...

No matter how much fun we have, our kids can never seem to get enough of the park. And the parks here don't even have playground equipment! :) The library's nothing to scream about, though, so they seem to prefer surfing the web.

Enjoy your chocolate and your fun trip to Washington!

Janica said...

ive been dreaming of what not to wear lately. I seriously have NOTHING!! my wardrobe is so drab it makes me sick to think about it. the worst part is when my wardrobe is drab I feel drab....gotta LOVE that! NOT!

chocolate...mmmm..chocolate (thats all i have to say about that)

melanie33 said...

if you were my neighbor, you would get a giant chocolate caramel covered apple on your doorstep.
from me.

the cleaning house?
well that is all you, my friend.

The Anderson's said...

I love your random thoughts. So entertaining! I love chocolate too for sure.

Kaija said...

you crack me up. Your chocolate picture looked really really good. Now I want some. And when you find that place thats 75 degrees with an ocean will you call me? I could be the live-in first grade teacher. haha. Your post made my day!

Sarah Jane said...

yes, how is that possible? my house feels much smaller than when i bought it a year ago. how can that be?

i also have a puppy with a cute face that has saved his life quite a few times.

#3, have so much fun in seattle!!

Ashley Rae said...

Yes, Sarah- your puppy is super adorable. I love him.

And thanks! I'm sure we'll have a good time!

paul said...

I love this post and I love What Not to Wear. As many as I have seen I think we just stick with the empire waist (the phony one just below the boobs) and you're good to go.
The only thing I can tell you about the house, the job, and the wardrobe is, the older you get, the less you care.

Smiley Family said...

See, I'm certain that my house would be a whole lot cleaner if I did work all effing day...nobody would be home to mess it up and I would walk into a clean house every night. There's not a perfect world, is there?