Thursday, May 20, 2010


If you live (or have previously lived) in Utah, you know how fickle spring weather can be. Massive snowstorms in April, 40 degree weather and way too much rain in May. You know - sucky weather. So when we finally have nice days (sunny and 70 degrees), we have to take advantage of them. Zoo, anyone?

Justin had to work that day, so I went with my OTHER family, aka Ashlee and the babies. And we let her husband tag along with us, since we're nice like that.

Aren't these girls so cute?
The answer is yes. Yes, they are.

We saw the adorable new baby elephant, Zuri. Shortly after this next picture was taken, little baby Zuri walked behind the mother and stood directly under her tail. The mother then so lovingly dropped some mother-load-elephant-sized turds on her daughter's head. Kennedy was quite grossed out. Baby elephant didn't seem to mind. But I assured Kennedy I would never do that to her.
We tried to get rid of that disturbing image by taking cute pictures.

The animals were quite playful, that day. It took everything I had to resist the urge to jump over the fence and go cuddle with this giant kitty-cat.

Here's the fam:
And one last picture of Ivy dancing, just because I love these girls.


the mom said...

I can't believe how big the twins are getting! They really are very cute. And I really like Ashlee's new blond do.

LOL to the elephants... yes, I'm sure Kennedy is very grateful you won't do the same to her.

Brandon Pearce said...

Jen has been laughing about your post for the past 5 minutes straight. She'll leave a comment when she's finished, glad you had a good time at the zoo.

Jennifer said...

Those girls really are so adorable. Yes, Brandon is right. I have tears streaming down my face in fact. I obviously don't laugh enough, so THANK YOU! I'm glad you reassured Kennedy that you would never do that to her. LOL! It sounds and looks like you all had a great time at the zoo. :)

melanie33 said...

what? it's not normal to crap on your kids?
oh, right....I knew that. totally.

Raising Helm said...

Love the bird obsession, and yes the lawn looks amazing. Kennedy is adorable as usual and I am happy to hear she is following in your footsteps. tweet away you two! I am determined to make it to the zoo this year, determined! though I don't need anymore visual of the "turd" bath. Gross! I can miss that one. And I truly can't believe how big and beautiful the girls are. I swear you were just posting about their births. Crazy!

Janica said...

jerk! hope you had fun....haha. i see how you are. oh and the last time we went to the zoo the mother started urinating and the baby played in it til she kicked her away. THEN the mom did her other business and the baby went over and started playing in it. that wasnt it either...shortly after playing, zuri started eating it. We all walked away pretty traumatized!! GROSS!!!

Anonymous said...

We should go to the Zoo together. See, when I went last time I went with someone who is a little "anti Hogle Zoo" and who doesn't take her kids to the zoo to look at animals but take them there just to play and eat. Kinda strange right? I love her to pieces but the "anti hogleness" rubber off on me. Anyway, it looks like you guys had a fun time and maybe your positive attitude is why:)

Sarah said...

omg, that picture of that baby girl dancing just melted my heart. she is adorable!

Lauren said...

I love the zoo. If you ever want to go again, let me know. It just might be Syd's favorite place to go (in Utah!) and it's not as fun going just the two of us.

Ariel said...

Oh the twins are getting big! It has been forever since I have seen them. I am glad you all had fun at the zoo.