Saturday, May 8, 2010


So I totally failed at updating my blog as soon as I had previously promised. I hereby give you permission to shun me for a while, since I'm such a loser. I'm blaming it on the fact that our laptop got some sort of stupid virus and so it wouldn't work. But it's up and running, now. So here I am. Updating my blog.

Here are some pictures from Easter. It was fun, cold and full of Easter eggs.

Here are some pictures from Seattle. It was even MORE fun. And I want to go back. Possibly permanently.

Kennedy got an aquamarine umbrella. She's in love. The other day she prayed for rain so that she could have a "real" excuse to use it.
We went to the Tulip Festival. 'Twas freezing. And beautiful.

And we visited this cute pig at Pike's Place Market. (She is holding a toy dragon she received in a Happy Meal.)

We also went to a super awesome Children's museum, did lots of shopping, saw a movie, and had an absolute blast. Thanks, mom :)

And finally, the yard. We (meaning Justin) spent quite a few days and cuss words getting the trenches dug and the new sprinkling system put in.

He and his friend put the whole thing in on their own. And it even works.

And then it was ready for the greenery.

Six of these (well, this one is actually 0nly 1/2 full, so really it was like 12 of these) had to be placed in our yard. Three freaking thousand square feet.

After nearly 5 hours of strenuous manual labor, which I don't know that I'm really cut out for, Justin and I put in the instant lawn. Here is the final product of gorgeousness:

And now I will show you the rest of the yard.

Flowering plum:

Feast your eyes upon this beauty (Kwanzan Cherry):

Japanese Maple (I took this picture for you, Craig):

Dirty pond, bench and unfinished firepit:

A birdhouse painted by yours truly and the talented Miss Kennedy (which, btw, has already attracted many adorable little (and big) birdies):

GAWGOUS Wisteria:

And last but not least, a cute little poser on the bench.

We still have so much work to do on the yard. But I think that may have to wait until next year.

For now we will just have some killer BBQ parties. And you're all invited.


Sarah said...

Wow!! Your yard looks AWESOME!! I'm totally coming over for a barbeque :)

Sharee said...

So, it was Kennedy's fault for all the rain! You should teach her to pray for the sun to stay...since obviously her prayers work a littl etoo well...

PS Good job on the yard!!! I love it! You guys did a great job! ;)

Jennifer said...

Your yard is so awesome now already! I can't even imagine how amazing it will look when you do all those other things you have planned. Good work!

Kaija said...

Holy Cow! Your yard is huge! I forgot how big it was! (I say this like I have been there, but I remember your post when you moved in!)I am totally wanting to come play in it! Great team you have there- the irrigation team, gardner and the poser! Love it!

Kristin said...

Glorious sod. I'm so glad you elected sod rather than seed. You'll love your insta-yard. What a stud Justin is for doing the sprinkling system.

the mom said...

Yeah! So happy your laptop is working again so you can regale us with tales of wonder and amusement.

You married such a handy man. I like that he's not afraid to get down and dirty and dig trenches and lay sod (and they turn out ok!).

Your trees look even more cool with grass underneath them. And they (your trees) are such happy trees because you talk to them.

I anticipate many blog posts and pics featuring the latest bird sitings.

Kennedy's posing comes naturally. I quite like this sleeping beauty mermaid thing she's got going.

Thanks for coming to visit me in Seattle. Come again soon! I like the sound of you relocating here permanently :)

Sarah said...

i love kennedy's aquamarine umbrella. and the fact that she CALLS it aquamarine.

and i LOVE your yard. you guys did a ton of work and it looks great!!

Brandon Pearce said...

Great pictures. Your yard looks awesome! I love wisteria. It's great you can enjoy it all. Kennedy should have fun playing outside this summer, too.

Janica said...

Oh I have a lot to say...first off, you didnt buy me a shirt in seattle like you said you would. Second, your yard looks awesome!! and third, I cant wait to be invited over for a better be soon! You rock! hehe

melanie33 said...

well I am glad I am invited over. Because that makes the whole stalking you over the internet a little less creepy. I'll bring the potato salad... and it won't even be store bought. That way it will be risky. You know, like to eat or not to eat? It will have you debating as to weather or not I am a creepy stalker that would poison you, or just your run of the mill adoring fan that has poor cooking skills. It's a loose/loose really.
See you soon!

Erin and Daryl said...

ASHLEY, okay I just had this overwhelming feeling and it said I MISS ASHLEY RAE! Your yard of course looks fabulous! You always had a keen eye for flowers. Your tree's are gorgeous. Way to go Justin. Kennedy is beautiful as ever. Lets have a BBQ this summer! I'm so there OR you need to come over here. I MISS YOU GIRL!

Michelle said...

Your yard looks fantastic! Did you guys put in the bench and pond?

I love that wysteria (sp)

Ashley Rae said...

Erin- I REALLY miss you, too. I honestly think about you all the time. I will call you soon. If I don't, you call me.

Michelle- the bench and pond were there when we moved in, luckily :) Makes the work a little easier for us, I suppose!

Smiley Family said...

Great results! A little bit of manual labor definitely paid off. I hope you have lots of fun parties this summer...if the weather would warm up a little!

And don't feel too bad, I haven't blogged for a month now!

Sara said...

Wow, look at all those gorgeous tulips!

And congrats on your yard. That's awesome! I love all your trees, so beautiful. :-) At least all this rain is good for your grass, right?

Raising Helm said...

Oh boy! Steve did landscaping/sprinklers the first few years of our marriage. Yuck! but he is buff and handsome and can do it. I feel your pain, but beauty can be pain sometimes. Good job. Seattle looked fun! I am waiting for a invite to a barbq any day!

Monica Lifferth said...

Wow! You guys have been busy! I too love Seattle although I couldn't live there. Great place to visit though. I love that Japanese Maple and that cute little poser on the bench. :)

Irene said...

Your yard/garden/trees look awesome. Simply beautiful. You and your crew did an amazingly good job :o) You'll all enjoy it so much. It looks like you put sod all the way back?? I thought you were just going to do part of it. Looks wonderful