Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Chili and lights

Saturday night our friends hosted a Chili cook-off party. Having never made chili before, I frantically searched through my myriad of cookbooks, trying to find the simplest yet most unique recipe. And finally, in some strange families' cookbook that I happened to have for some odd reason (a family I've never even heard of), I found a recipe that contained brown sugar. Booya. If it has sugar, it must be good. And let me tell you- it was awesome. We won 2nd place. You should be very sad that you didn't have any.

Here are some of the men anxiously awaiting the judging of the chili to come to an end. Since eating is what men like to do.

And here is Marley. He is like a miniature lion. I love him.

And here is Kennedy. She's all "Mo-ommm..." [whining] "I don't LIKE chili. Don't they have mac and cheese?" And I'm all "Nope. Eat it." Cause I'm a nice mom.

The party also had a white elephant gift exchange. Like most white elephant parties, there is a coveted gift. The one at this particular party was this:

It was like electric sex gleaming in the window. Justin nearly cried when it was stolen from him in the gift exchange game. Twice. And he wouldn't stop talking about it for like 3 days after. I think he's finally coming to terms with it. And although he didn't get the erotic light fixture, he got the next best thing: a freaky demonic-looking ceramic cat. With glowing green eyes. It scares me. So I have banned it to the confines of the basement.

I won a re-gifted gigantic flashlight. Because some stupid nincompoop stole the Jazz tickets from me.

And to make this post longer, since it's totally not long enough, I will tell you more about the goings-on in my life.

Sunday night we went to Temple Square with Justin's mother to see the lights.

They were spectacular, as always.

And then, quite unexpectedly, we were photobombed.
Dun dun dunnnnnn....

After said photobombing, we went on a carriage ride around the block. Kennedy was just beaming.

And just when she thought things couldn't get any better, the nice man who drove us around let her pet Jerry, the horse.

And since I probably won't post again until after Christmas, Merry Christmas to all of you!


Kaija said...

you crack me up! Loved that post! Loved the mac n cheese conversation..."and Im like..nope!" So funny! Well YOU have a Merry Christmas too!

Raising Helm said...

Oh boy oh boy! I love you! what a fun and wonderful woman you are! We attempted the stealing game, never play with good gifts, good as in, ones you'd actually use. it doesn't go over really well. Anywho- we found a house with one of those exotic lamps in the window surrounded by red rider bebe guns. Very festive! Good ideas for next years decor-ha ha ha -Merry Christmas wild woman-

Jennifer said...

Sounds like I may have to have you send me that delicious chili recipe of yours. :) Merry Christmas to you too, and we will be seeing you soon!

Brandon Pearce said...

You are so funny Ashley. Love your posts.
Glad you could have such a good time.
Merry Christmas!

melanie33 said...

you haven't cooked chili before? craziness. next thing, you're going to tell me that you have never ran through the streets of utah in sub zero temperatures naked singing christmas carols completely off tune.

what? that was just me?


melanie33 said...

p.s. merry christmas back at you.

Anonymous said...

Love your ridiculously long post. Reminds me of the novel posts I do. LOVE the lamp!!! If we had one I would PROUDLY display in our bedroom window to let the neighbors know when it is and isn't appropriate to stop by...

Kristin said...

I SO would have wanted the leg lamp and would have cried if someone was cruel and insensitive enough to steal it from me. At least you'll be able to light the way before lots of large people with that ginormous flashlight.

How did Kennedy like the chili (since her cute little whining didn't get her any mac and cheese)?

Ashley Rae said...

Kris- she did NOT like the chili. She complained about every bite. She mostly survived on a roll and shredded cheese. That's my girl...

Irene said...

That sex lamp looks just like the one in the Christmas story..Could it be the same one that after so many years made it to your party???
You are just a hoot. I love reading your posts, you make me laugh and laugh.