Thursday, November 19, 2009

Annie is cool.

Even though I'm doing basically nothing (at all) to help my fellow struggling neighbors during this lame recession (I know- I'm a terrible person, I'm sorry), I'm so happy to know that other people are.

This evening I walked out onto my porch and saw a copy of the Sugar House Journal lying there on the ground, just waiting to be picked up. I have never read a copy of it in my entire life. Ever. Like- I usually pick it up and throw it at the neighbor (like I said- terrible person). But for some strange reason (boredom, probably) I decided to open it.

And there, on the front page, was a picture of our friend Jesse (Annie's husband) and their 2 kids. FRONT page. I've never been on the front page of a newspaper. Of course, I've never done anything very noteworthy, either, so I guess it makes sense.

Anyway, from reading the article I learned that Annie & Jesse have grown lots of produce this year and have given their excess to neighbors in need of food. They went as far as to put up flyers and everything. I think you should read the article [click here]. It's inspiring.

Thanks for helping out people in need, Annie! We need more people like you & Jesse in the world :)

Maybe I'll help those in need by giving all of Justin's junk to the D.I.


the mom said...

I love hearing about stuff like this. Thanks for sharing it. And thanks, Annie & Jesse, for stepping up and making a difference.

Good stuff!

Kristin said...

Excellent! You have good taste in friends.

Raising Helm said...

You are so fuuny. You deserve the front page. Hello Dolly was good. such a performer! you are always hilarious and sweet. And...I visit the di every once in awhile, maybe I have benefitted because of your donations. Oh the thought! I am sure you are a good neighbor. you have to be in order to have such AMAZING friends. ha ha ha I love ya. Good story btw

Annie said...

awwwww, thanks, ashley! being in that little paper was cool but opening up your blog and seeing
'annie is cool" was even better!!

Sarah said...

that's a great story. what good neighbors you have!

and good luck trying to give justin's junk to the DI. he's probably like jeff and thinks he's very attached to it.

Smiley Family said...

Yes, I am very grateful for the fact that there are good people in this world. And it is nice that the media actually focuses on them once in awhile instead of the usual doom and gloom. Thanks for sharing :o)

PS - I can honestly say that I have NEVER thought of doing a puzzle to celebrate my birthday. But, hey, you may have inspired my next celebration!

craigthegrey said...

Only "Justin's junk" ?

Jennifer said...

Thank you for sharing this Ashley! It helps remind me that individuals really can make a big difference. Annie really is cool, and so are you for spreading the word about her good deeds. :)

Ashley Rae said...

Yes, Craig. I own nothing that is junk. It is all wonderful stuff.

Brandon Pearce said...

That is awesome! I love hearing stuff like this. Thanks for spreading the word.

And Ashley, you do wonderful things all the time just by being you. If nothing else, you make us all laugh, right?

CAMI said...

Wow thats neat!
Ps you share a bday with my new lil one!

melanie33 said...

yeah, i suck.
firstly, i wouldn't even have thought to grow a garden.
secondly, i would have killed it if i did.
thirdly if anything did survive i would gobble it up myself.
selfish? yes.
but at least i can see it. there is points for that right?