Thursday, June 4, 2009

Onward and upward.

Ok. All of the Hawaiian pictures are FINALLY uploaded onto my computer. However, now I actually have to sift through them and decide which ones to put on here, because sometimes I get really click-happy and take tons of unnecessary pictures so I'm left with like a billion to go thorugh. But I guess at least that way I'm pretty much guaranteed to have one good picture.

In the meantime.

I have some happy news for you. Mostly for me. But also for you.

Justin graduated! After 4 years at Westminster College, he is finally finished and is now (well, as soon as he passes his state test, which of course he will) an RN (registered nurse)!

His graduation (the nurse's pinning ceremony) took place at the St. Mark's Cathedral, which is a gorgeous building. He was voted in by his classmates to be one of the speakers.

He did an amazing job, of course. He's a natural-born orator. I was so proud. He received many compliments on his speech, as well as many comments on how much he resembled Harry Potter.

I just kept waiting for him to pull out his wand and broomstick.

After the ceremony, his sweet parents took us out to Sundance for dinner. We each had our own $40 Filet Mignon. And there was silence while we slowly devoured our tender, melt-in-your-mouth, tasty meal. Ok. My mouth is watering now.

I'm so looking forward to having a double-income. Student loans suck.

And I have even more good news, if you can stand it. Kennedy ALSO graduated!

They had a cute little preschool graduation. They sang some songs and showed us their year's worth of art work... it was fun.

This is her dancing to one of the songs.

And here is one of the songs for your enjoyment :)

My little baby is growing up. It scares me. Kindergarten- here we come.


the mom said...

LOL... Justin DOES look like Harry Potter! If he only had a wand he could make those student loans go away. And lay sod immediately. And put a pool in your huge back yard. But a second income is good too.

Sundance for dinner - did you eat in the Tree Room? I love a wonderful filet mignon - that was so nice of his parents to do that. Glad the evening was special.

And Kennedy is adorable as always. She'll have such fun in kindergarten. Thanks for videoing the song.

Chris said...

Congrats to all your graduates!!! You truly have some scholars in your midst. Sounds like a great day for the Harry Potter household. I'm sure you guys have exhausted the magic wand jokes. :D

Monica said...

For some reason I thought Kennedy was a bit older than Ben. He will also be starting kindergarten this summer. It is kinda rough on me.

That's fun that Kennedy graduated from preschool the same time that Justin graduated from college. Congrats to both of them!

Anonymous said...

Was she dancing to Tooty Ta in that picture? It sure looks like it to me :)

Sharee and Court said...

How exciting! I bet you are so happy that Justin is done! Yay!! Then you don't have to work so hard! Well, I guess you so cuz you are right, students loans SUCK!!

Also, congrats to Kennedy for graduating too! She is getting so big!

Looking forward to your Hawaii pics! I know what you mean "click happy"... I am the same way!

Ashley Rae said...

Christopher- yes, she was doing Tooty Ta! Haha- that's hilarious you recognized it.

Heather said...

Congrats. to all in your house!

Shilo said...

Congrats to Justin & Kennedy!
Kennedy looks so very happy to be done with Preschool!
Good luck to Justin on the test!

Sara said...

That's awesome! Congrats to both Justin and Kennedy! I think I'm going to be one of those moms who cries when her "baby" goes into Kindergarten. I can't believe how soon it is. Time flies by way too stinking fast!

Michelle said...

Yes, Harry Potter! Very funny. Congrats, I can't imagine how relieved you both must be for him to be graduating.

Raising Helm said...

Bibitybobityboo! ha ha-that is so exciting for you guys. Congrats to Justin and more congrats to the speach, that says a lot about him. Awesome! Also congrats to Kennedy the intelligent one...she is a doll and I can't believe she is going to be heading to Kindergarten. Kleenex please. And Congrats to you for being the super wife you are and of course super mom. WAY TO GO!!!!

Jennifer said...

Congratulations to you all!!! Now go out and enjoy life for a while together, without school getting in the way!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Harry, I mean Justin! Maybe now that he's done with school we can all actually hang out. Or were you guys just Pretending to be busy...

Shopgirl1483 said...

that made me laugh that you think justin looks like HP. and he actually DOES!! (i'll see if jeff can think of anymore wand jokes. seems like all the good ones have been used.) but congrats to him for graduating! That's awesome!!

aaronlifferth said...

Hey congratulations Justin, and Kennedy. Way to go!

Justin, that is a really cool accomplishment. Good Luck on the test, but I am sure you will do fine.

The academic look fits you both well.

GMACSTAWWDL............................................that means give me a call some time and we will do lunch.

Kristin said...

I am quite sure that the child I could hear that was singing delightfully on key had to be Kennedy. She is such a doll.

Irene said...

Thanks for the posts. Congratulations on both graduations.
We're so proud and pleased for Justin. And yes he does resemble Harry Potter :o)
Loved the song, and all the pictures.

Smiley Family said...

CONGRATS JUSTIN - what an amazing accomplishment! I guarantee your new career will beat pushing a green button all day. Good luck and best wishes to you!!