Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pictures galore

Pictures galore. Just for you. With a dash of commentary which you may skip over if you so desire.

I don't really like dyeing eggs. I'm sorry. So instead of doing that, we started out celebrating our Easter weekend by making Easter cupcakes. They taste way better than eggs.

Sometime during the night, Mr. Bunny visited our home.

He brought a mermaid barbie and a jump rope.

And lots of candy.

After our hidden egg quest and then after Kennedy had her bath with the new Barbie mermaid (aquamarine, of course), we went outside to practice jump-roping skills. After only very few failed attempts, she was ready to jump with the best jump-ropers in the world. You go, girl.

After church, we took some pictures in the backyard. It was hard, though, since Kennedy is extremely camera shy. Obviously.

Quick Kennedyism:

In that bottom left picture she's pointing at a honey bee she didn't want to step on. Shortly thereafter, she said :

"I want Jesus to take away all the mean bees. You know, the ones with the pointy stingy things on their butts? Those ones. He can leave the honey bees. But those other ones... Jesus has GOT to take them away."

And we smelled some flowers

(Oh- and thank you Monica for the link to the hairstyle website. Lots of fun ideas.)

(And thank you mom for the dress. She loves it.)

(And while I'm at it, thank you everyone for just being you.)

(And finally- I'd like to thank the little people...)

Ok- back to Easter. We then went to Justin's parents' house for the big egg hunt and dinner.

Cute kids, aren't they?

There was a lot of candy, toys and money in the eggs. Including an animal nose mask-thingy.

Shortly thereafter, the sugar high wore off.

I know, darling- it sucks when you have to wait until AFTER dinner to have more candy.

Happy Easter.


melanie33 said...

cupcakes = adorable.
dress = adorable.
hairstyle = adorable.

and finally... me = adorable.
just in case you ever wondered.

Monica said...

love love love the hair. I'm glad you liked the blog. I love it and have done many very cute hairdos on my patient little girl. Glad Easter went well. You're girlie looked gorgeous.

Raising Helm said...

You crack me up! I marvel at all your cute pictures, I guess it makes it a bit easier when your child is beautiful and you have a great camera but Kennedy is beautiful-once again! Your creativity strikes again! well done on the cupcakes (love the idea) love the hair, and props to your mom on the dress. I think you have SUCCEEDED!!!!

Smiley Family said...

Great pics! Love the cupcake idea. I can't wait until Ashyln's hair gets a little bit longer and those darn bangs grow out - that girl's hair does not grow fast. Kennedy is adorable, hair, dress and all. And I totally agree with her about the bees.

Lauren said...

I really like the cupcakes idea. I hate eggs. I don't mind dying them, but it seems like a waste when I just end up throwing them away afterward.

the mom said...

You're so very entertaining, Ashley...

I love the hair - and it looks really cute with the dress, which Kennedy looks adorable in. She is such a poser - and I have NO IDEA where she gets that from :) LOL....

Thanks for taking time to take pics and post them!

Kristin said...

Love the pictures! What a fun day (well, except for that time you were really mean and didn't let her eat candy instead of dinner). Those cupcakes are delightful and Kennedy is darling in that dress!

Sarah said...

I totally need to start your tradition of make easter cupcakes and nix the eggs.
I agree, cupcakes are WAY better.
And yes, that hairstyle is adorable!

Happy Easter!

Michelle said...

I really like that idea of doing cupcakes! I hate eggs, period. I hate the smell of the vinegar dye too.

Loved the braided hair, you always have her looking so perfect and cute.

Great pictues!

Heather said...

I love the cupcake idea... I'm not a huge fan of Easter eggs either, but sugar, ALWAYS! Looks like lots of fun!

the mom said...

BTW, your cupcakes look delish. I'd ask you to save me one, but I think it would be pretty dried out by the time I get there...

Maybe Kennedy and I will make another batch while you're in Hawaii!

Sara said...

I love her hairdo! And the cupcakes are a good idea, but a little messy to hide around the house easter morning (as Brad would be bound to make me do)! ;-) Glad you had a fun Easter!

Shopgirl1483 said...

the cupcakes were really cute. (i assume they're gone by now. hee hee.)

and you are doing some cute things with kennedy's hair. very fancy schmancy.

and i think it's not easter sunday unless a kid cries over sugar withdrawl. :)

Chris said...

I would so totally rather do cupcakes, too! No one ever eats all the eggs (because they are gross) and it's a waste. Plus, we need more sugar. :)

That hairstyle is adorable, I'll have to check out the website.

I don't ever think I've seen a pic of Kennedy being fussy before, poor baby.

Looks like a fun day.

Sharee and Court said...

How fun for you! And a mermaid barbie from the big bunny! Wow! Tell Kennedy I am jealous. :) I love her hair! I am completely clueless when it comes to girls' hair, so if our next one is a girl, I will need that website...

Irene said...

Ashley you are so entertaining and it's great fun to read your blog and all the comments others make. I'm so happy you keep this up. Thanks for taking and sending the pictures too.