Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Hawaiian party in my mouth.

It's official. I've had a Hawaiian party in my mouth.

While enjoying a delicious glass of POG, my aunt Kristin started reading the back of this beautiful red carton aloud:

"The Magic of POG

In an enchanting world beyond the pineapple fields and rainbow gateway of Hawai'i, there's a magical village of Poglodytes. Each day our furry little friends gather a trio of fruits - Passion Fruit, Orange, and Guava - and make a one-of-a-kind fresh nectar affectionately called POG. Before sunrise, Poglodytes search orchards across the islands to find the best ingredients, next they swirl in happiness and sunshine, and finally add the secret ingredient unique to Hawai'i: ALOHA - all that is good in the world!

It's no wonder each sip feels like a fun Hawaiian party in your mouth [see- I told you I had a party in my mouth]. All three flavors come alive together with each sip of a favorite island drink for over 20 years. We're sharing with the world POG- a universal elixir of joy! With a big shake here and a big shake there, you may pour, drink and experience a fruit beverage that can only be described as "POG-o-licious." Perhaps tempted to save no juice for the rest, we urge you to finish the carton, pound your fists on the table, and chant with pride: "I HOG POG!" Go on you POG Hogger - drink 'til your heart's content...cheers!"

My cousin (J'Neil) soon declared "I HOG POG" as we all [laughed hysterically and] finished our glasses of the POG-o-licious elixer of joy.

Whoever wrote this should be given some sort of award. It is absolutely amazing.


the mom said...


melanie33 said...

that looks very very tasty.
and for that you will be punished.

and by the way, a Hawaiian party in your mouth is sooo much better than a party in your pants. those can really be disastrous. TRUST ME.

Chris said...

I remember POG very well! But I haven't ever bothered to read the delightful story on the carton--too busy downing the stuff, I guess.

I am so glad you girls are taking time to update all of us "mainlanders" on your shenanigans over there!

Jennifer said...

I want to try some!

Shopgirl1483 said...

wow, i wish all the drinks that i drink were a party in my mouth. and i wish they were all swirled with happiness and sunshine. that's exactly what i crave in my drinks!

Janica said...

okay let me just tell you, when i was in hawaii pog was my FAVORITE drink!! YUM YUM!! its just not the same here...ive tried it.

Kristin said...

I also Hog The Pog. Good thing they printed that information on the carton. Otherwise we may never have discovered we were having a party in our mouths. We could have just continued on, drinking it, without any knowledge of the Poglodytes and the pog-o-licious nature of our drink.

Raising Helm said...

I was just waiting to do the hokiepokie, that's what it's all about. Maybe someday we can have a POG party, as long as we keep it chillin'-I know you ASHLEY RAE!!!