Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

GOOD: Denver was 70 degrees and just freaking beautiful. Every spare moment I had, when I was not sitting in a highly uncomfortable office chair listening to outrageously long, drawn-out presentations about title laws in North Dakota (oil and gas stuff) or gorging my face with delicious AND free food, I was walking down the streets jacket-free, enjoying the magnificent clear blue sky and soaking up some much needed Vitamin D from the spectacular sunshine. I doubt we'll have that kind of weather here in Utah for at least another 2 months, so I took full advantage.

BAD: Why in the $%@!^# do people feel like they are SO smart and can't find anything better to do with their time than to write and invent nasty viruses that infect the computers of innocent people? Seriously. I want to know. Because a @#!%#!%$!^&@ virus has attacked our computer and now it is pretty much messed up. It's INSANELY slow, a bunch of applications no longer work, and it's just plain stupid. Which also means (and this is DOUBLY bad) that I can't upload any of my pictures. Psh. I know. It just won't let me. Dumb, huh? !$#!#@$!%!! (Please excuse my @$@*!#%@ french.)

UGLY: The annual Utah inversion. I might as well be placing my mouth over an exhaust pipe when I walk outside. It makes me want to hurl.


FUNNY: So I heard the best pick-up line ever while in Denver (not directed at me, of course). This older man (late 60's?) was sitting on the corner shining someone's shoes, like, for his job. As a girl who was wearing a skirt which showed a little [or a lot] of skin walked by, he yelled "Whoo! Someone bettah call McDonald's and let 'em know their recipe is walkin' down the street...'cause I'M LOVIN' IT!!"

I totally wish I would have known that line back when I was single. I would have used that, like, all the time.


Jennifer said...

Sounds like the weather in Denver was very nice! I'm so glad you could get a break from this coldness and gross inversion. I'm sorry about your computer virus. Why can't those people spend their time finding ways to make people happy instead?

Sarah said...

I completely agree that the STUPID people who have nothing better to do than to invent nasty viruses must die. :)

Oh and ditto to your last sentence. I too wish I had that one liner a few years earlier!

Anonymous said...

That is THE BEST pick up line! I'm still laughing! Thanks for posting it. That made my day!

melanie33 said...

woah. i did NOT know where that mcdonalds line was going...
i was thinkin if he started in about two all beef patties and special sauce that it would be kind of offensive.
"i'm lovin it" was a much better; way to go for the old geezer.
glad he has his wits about him.
glad you got some nice weather too. utah sucks.
well not all the time.
just from like november thru february.
and sometimes march.
you know? when it snows in march?
that REALLY sucks.
mainly because you are not expecting it.
my birthday is in march.
so generally it is a good month.
are you wondering how long i can keep thinking of random incomplete sentences?
the answer is much longer than you could stand.
kind of like winter.

are you still with me?

Raising Helm said...

cute Ash! love the pick up line. Pick up lines are freakin' hilareous- not that I have had much experience but my bro likes to test them out on occassion. You are right about the nasty air and the viruses. Where is this world headed? Oh it has been heading this direction for some time. 'CMON PEOPLE-DON'T WE ALL JUST WANT WORLD PEACE AND HAPPINESS??? have fun in DENVER!

the mom said...

I'll take Seattle fog/mist/rain over Salt Lake inversion any day!

Glad you got a dose of sunshine. How'd your new luggage work out?

I'm so sorry about the virus....

Kristin said...

We've not seen the sun here in nearly two weeks. The inversion has been awful. Air quality is really bad. Temps are in the high 20's, sometimes get up to 32ยบ. A Spring day in Denver sounds heavenly.

Apparently Heather also got a virus last week and it has really crippled her computer. Which one did you get, and dang it, what is your anti-virus software, because I want something ELSE.

Shopgirl1483 said...

bah da bah da bah, i'm lovin' that pick up line!

i hope our inversion ends soon. but glad you got some fresh air in denver. i heart denver. i think it's a great city.

ann michele said...

it has been quite nice over here...i don't want to rub it in though....*L*

Janica said...

okay that is hilarious! (the pickup line)

Irene said...

Oh SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sorry about the virus. I sure hopemy computer doesn't get one as I wouldn't know how to resolve the problem. So I sure hope my AGV works over time and effectivly. So happy you could enjoy some clear beautful weather :o) It's bee so beautiful down here in AZ. Temps in the seventies. I'm sucking it all in as I have to go back to the cold and smog in a few days.

Chris said...

I remember those wicked inversions, they made winter so miserable there. We used to go to Park City a lot, above the smog line, it helped a little.
I agree, people that invent viruses are reserved for a special part of hell. Why do you want to destroy people's computers. I have lost 100's of pictures off of various computers due to viruses. (*#&$(*&!!

Michelle said...

First of all you made laugh very loud with the I'm Lovin It quote. Secondly, I HATE THE UTAH inversion! I remember getting depressed from not seeing the sun for 4 months....ugh.

Sorry about your virus.

wurstens5 said...

Sorry about your computer. Thanks for coming to visit me. What's up with that?

splendid said...