Sunday, November 23, 2008

Movie Review

Movie: Twilight

Plot: Book? Amazing. Movie? Meh. I think that if I hadn't read the books, I wouldn't have been able to understand what the ____ was going on. Lucky for me, I did my homework beforehand. I suggest you do the same.


Edward's lack of hotness was too distracting for me. I wanted to flick him in his forehead. Because it wasn't really Edward. Edward is HOT. This guy was NOT. There. I said it. I think if he were a bit more attractive I would have liked the movie better. I mean, let's face it- Edward is 90% of the reason we go see the movie, anyway. So... a bit of a disappointment, there.
Ok, so if we're going to be ogling at jail-bait, anyway, why couldn't they have picked someone a little more pleasing to the eye? Like Zach Efron?

He was probably too busy doing HSM 4 or 5.

Dr. Cullen, however... whoa. I honestly wasn't expecting much from just his pictures, but he was absolute eye candy on the screen. If he were MY doctor, I'd be trying to get sick and break my bones every week.

Bella was great for her part. Just how I'd imagined. No complaints.

Alice? Fantastic. Jasper? So-So. Rosalie and Emmett? Just grand.

Special Effects: Tree jumping. Cool. It was effective at showing beautiful scenery. But did he really ever jump and climb trees in the books? If so, I must have skipped over those parts. Sparkling skin? Meh, again. It looked like someone just sprayed glitter on him.
Overall: It was an entertaining movie. However, they could have done a few things differently- like better character development, less cheesiness, better explanations for things, etc. How? No clue. That's not my job. I work at a law firm. I just like to give my opinion, for whoever wants to hear it.

My rating: B

Should you see it? Sure...if you're bored or if you're obsessed with the books, like myself and 50 gazillion other women right now.

Those of you who HAVE seen it? What did you think?


the mom said...

OK, so I wrote my own review before discovering you'd beat me to it. Our reviews are very similar, but yours is a much more entertaining read.

I concur with your reivew - though am a bit surprised you failed to mention Laurent's chest.

melanie33 said...

I have yet to see it. I lost my excitement for the whole twilight series after the last book was so lame-o for me. But I can say I also have felt as though this Edward dude is not up to par and I am prepared for that. I do still plan on seeing it. Just as soon as I can sit for a few hours without puking.
I know you wanted to know that little tid bit of info.

Shopgirl1483 said...

ok, i saw the movie but had not read the books. (i know, i know) But i got the gist of it.

but i totally agree with everything you said. edward was weird looking, not hot. the jumping through trees made me laugh. it looked so silly. and the glittery skin was dumb. some of the lines were hard not to mock too.
and dr. cullen does not look old enough to have teenage kids (real or adopted). he looks like he's barely 30.

i saw this thing on msn or something and jake is much hotter without all that long, ratty hair.

overall, good movie. i think it would be a lot harder to make fun of it if i were 16.

Anonymous said...

What a helpful review-you could work part time writing movie and book reviews ya know;) I am taking Kendrick to see it this weekend and I'm almost 90% sure I'll not like it so thanks for the heads up...

Smiley Family said...

Have not seen it - yet. I will eventually, but I'm in no rush. Probably because I have yet to hear a rave review. That, and from what I have see, I don't think Edward is Edward.

Sarah said...

Yeah, Im totally happy you posted your thoughts. I have to see it becuase I read the book, but I must admit I am hesitant because of the Edward dude. Im sure it will be a little hard. But I gotta see it, right?!

Sara said...

I have to admit I went in prepared to REALLY not like it, so I actually liked it more than I thought I would. Edward wasn't the Edward from the book, but he grew on me enough to like him by the end. Not love, but like. Kristin on the other hand as Bella... hated it. But I don't like Bella in the books anyway, so... Maybe she played the part perf! The effects were kinda lame (cheap budgets will do that I guess) and I laughed out loud at a couple scenes in the beginning (biology room when she walks in. Give me a break!) But overall, it was better than I thought it'd be. :-)

Schwartz Family said...

I have been boycotting the book because every where I go, I get asked if I named Bella after the book. I guess I should learn what all the hype is about though. Thanks for your thoughts on it!

Lisa said...

I had such low expectations, that I didn't hate it as much as I thought I was going to. I agree with you on the point of if you hadn't have read the books, you wouldn't get the movie...I read the books and I barely got it. I think the problem was they just jumped from one scene of the book to the next and didn't have enough in the middle to build the characters. I liked your review!

Lauren said...

So, Christopher actually said he'll go with me to the movie...but I decided that on our very LONG road trip to California for Thanksgiving, I would have him listen to the book on CD first. He said it isn't as bad as he thought it would be. Now we just have to find time to see the movie. May have to wait until after finals...

brad and jeanette said...

Perhaps it was the huge vat of Diet Coke that I was downing during the movie (I swore it off for 10 whole days), but I thought Edward was hot. Either that, or he's just a great actor. On second hand, wait no, who am I kidding? Davey Havok should have been cast as Edward. He's so naturally vampire-like! I'm sure I stand alone in my opinion (as it should be) and yes, the sparkling skin scenes would have been difficult with all those tatoos...ah, it's just as well because I would have had a stroke or something watching it. I like how you pointed out Dr. Cullen which I totally agree with. Loved your reveiw.

Janica said...

nice planning on seeing it this week so ill let you know what i think. Its a good thing im not obsessed with Edward or I might be quite disappointed too from the sounds of it.