Thursday, October 9, 2008


This makes me laugh. I love Lawrence Welk.


the mom said...

LOL..... that's funny.

Sara said...

I saw that on Saturday when they did it. I just love Amy Pohler - I think I would have killed the costume department for putting me in that tent when I was that preggers! ;-) And the crazy chick - she is Trav's and my fave on SNL, she is just hilarious no matter what she does. Thanks for the laugh!

melanie33 said...

my husband and i are snl fans. we rarely miss it and this one had us laughing hard enough to wake our kids. she is my fav... the baby hands, man it hurts my stomach. so funny.

CAMI said...

Thats very funny!
I love your hair BTW!
I wish I could have gone to sundance- It makes me miss UT so much!