Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Since I'm flashing-back...

I figured that, since I was taking a look back in time, I might as well look a little farther and see what I could find. I found A LOT of scary pictures of me which, hopefully, NEVER make it to the internet. But I also found these, which made me happy:

(Senior year of high school)

Eating dinner at the Pie... mmmmm... back when I could eat all I wanted and not worry about fitting into my pants the next day.

Can you see me in this picture? (We figured out a way that I could take the picture and still be IN the picture. We were so smart. And I think the reason Kristin looks so tall was that she was wearing my 4" heels. Why? No idea.)

Ah... Sharee and I were so tan...Now I look like a dark-haired albino.
This was our last final "hoorah" before everyone moved away for college, got married, etc. The only one missing of the "group" was Brittany, since she'd already gone away to college. We took a moment of silence for her.
Oh- and I don't see Laura or Kaija, either. Hm... Ok, so most of us were there.
The face I'm pulling in this last picture is quite frightening. I'm sorry for subjecting you to it.
I love my girlfriends. AND I love that I still stay in contact with EVERY single one of them.


Raising Helm said...

Thank you for including me! I feel so special. What cute friends we have. I esp. loved our creativity with including You in the picture...and why wasn't I wearing the heels???

Sara said...

I was such a high school loser my Sr year... Oh sigh. I have pics of us from Jr year I could post! :-) This is why my answer on the last question from the high school tag of what would you change is "Not date a RM"!! Luckily some of my friends stuck with me, and I suppose dating the RM led to meeting, dating and marrying my hubby... anyway, enough rambling. Cute pictures. :-)

Schwartz Family said...

Cute pictures! I can't believe you keep in contact with all of them still. Thats pretty amazing.

Lisa said...

Oh my...haven't seen those pictures is a while! How fun! It would be so fun to try and get the whole gang together again!

Sarah said...

I love the flashback! My favorite pic is the one with you, Kristin, and Britney. You guys really are clever :) ha haa
I also like the last one with all the floating heads. Totally brings back memories.
I think that really was the last time we all (mostly all) were together at one time. :(
That's one for the Growing Up Sucks list. But at least we are able to stay in contact some way or another.

Jeanette said...

I dig old pictures...too bad mine are like from 20 yrs ago and yours were merely last week. I spotted you right away btw-darling.

Kaija said...

such cute girls! Thats cute of ya to include me in there! and I am so glad we can still stay in contact!!

Janica said...

wow! you had quite the group of friends. its nice to see actual pics instead of just hearing about them...i guess they do exist! ;) hehe